Do you need an Apple iPad?
Jan 28 2010, 12:26 PM
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OK, Steve Jobs (silly name) of Apple reckons he's came up with the next big thing, the Apple iPad, hmm, not sure if everyone reading this knows about a program called Dragon's Den but here in the UK it's pretty damn big, basically it's about people with idea's who pitch themselves in front of 5 of the UK's most successful business people (a bit like the apprentice) but with Dragons Den you're pitching your idea and yourself in return for an investment in your idea or product. So here's my account of Steve Jobs (that really is a rather silly name isn't it?) pitching to the Dragon's for investment in the iPad ....

Steve: Hello dragons, my name is Steve Jobs and I'm here (at this point Duncan Bannatyne interupts and tells Steve that's a silly name), continuing ... I'm here to tell you about the iPad ... it's bascially somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop and I've saw a gap in the market which I believe needs to be filled.

Dragon 1: What's the difference between your iPad and say, a laptop?
Steve: It's smaller and more compact for a start
Dragon 2: So it's a tablet PC Steve?
Steve: No it's an iPad
Dragon 3: It's a tablet PC Steve, isn't it?
Steve: No, no, no, it's definately an iPad
Dragon 4: OK, if I took a bar of chocolate and stuck 4 spikes into it at each corner, would you call that a table?
Steve: No, it's still a bar of chocolate, but with spikes in it
Dragon 5: Yep, and your iPad is still a tablet PC with an iPad sticker on it dumb ass!
Steve: It's got mobile internet on it (he says in a desperate bid to win back the dragons)
Dragon 1: Yep, so has my smartphone and laptop but as far as mobile broadband goes in this country it's about as reliable as a chocolate watch and as fast as a decade!
Steve: Yes but ... (interrupted by all dragons)
DRAGONS: WE'RE OUT! Close the door on your way out Steve!

For those who are into the latest money wasting devices, I mean useless gadgets, er let's call it a tabPAD, here's a nice video of Steve ...

Jan 28 2010, 12:30 PM
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Me definately thinks Apple have lost the plot on this one, probably won't put shed loads of people off buying it though, some people just have to have the latest gadget's no matter what!

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