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While there is much debate on the importance and relevance of Google page ranks, its obvious that Google Page Ranks DO, at the very least, make your site more appealing to other similar sites with better page ranks for the purposes of partner links which can subsequently increase the popularity of your site and help drive traffic towards it!.

I and a few other key members at FreewareBB have spent much time and effort developing our SEO strategy and with the help of additional modifications to our site we have successfully gained a lot of ground on the sites popularity. Ironically, as our site is becoming more popular it's a direct consequence that our cost's are increasing as more people register, more bandwidth is used and more time is required to administer and manage the day to day business and this is why we are now offering the same SEO services to anyone with a website for a small fee.

For only £10 (GBP) we will analyze your website and provide you with a comprehensive report on both you and your ten most successful competitors which will let you know what they are doing right and what you are possibly doing wrong and how you can fix it!. All you have to do is tell us which keyword or phrase you want to rank well with and we can then perform the analysis on Google.Com.

This report will contain invaluable information for your site such as the where best to place your keywords, if you're using your keywords too often, whether your meta-tags are useless, whether the opening body of your site is wasted and much much more!.

Remember, this is exactly the same SEO strategy we used at FreewareBB only a few months ago and on the most recent Google update we gained a Page Rank 4 and are on the receiving end of thousands of hits per day - and while it should always be emphasised that SEO programmes are not always as successful as you would like or could take a while to return results, it's also fair to say that by not knowing your site's SEO position or doing nothing to help it will only serve to increase your competitors position with both the search engines and your potential visitors or customers!.

Whats included in our SEO analysis:
  • Document Titles
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Body Text
  • Body Text in Bold Type Face
  • First Sentence of the Body Text
  • Your URL
  • H1 Headline Texts
  • H2 Headline Texts
  • Same Site Link Texts
  • Outbound Link Texts
  • Same Site Link URLs
  • Outbound Link URLs
  • IMG ALT Attributes
  • HTML Comment Tags
  • Keyword Analysis
  • General Advice
  • Automatic submission to all UK & US search engines with report

Whilst the majority of search engines respect the privacy of those submitting their sites, unfortunately we have found that some don't and as part of their terms and conditions it is often the case that email addresses used for search engine submissions are targetted by third parties. Due to this, we will only submit your site automatically to search engines if you provide an email address for this purpose although we highly recommend using a "throw-away" email address for this, such as a hotmail account as some of the search engines will require email confirmation before listing your site.

Here's a few examples of how your report will look ....




As part of our service, we will also send you a free search engine ranking report along with a fresh SEO analysis each week for 1 month to let you see how your SEO recommendations are working out. The search engine report looks like this ...


Once you have an idea where your site is on a search engine you can easily keep an eye on it yourself through the search engine.

If you have never participated in an SEO programme, then by following the advice in this analysis YOU WILL see genuine results and an improvement in your site's results on search engines. Not everyone considers SEO to be effective and these people are usually the one's left wondering why there site is still on page 20 or 30 of a google search (if they're lucky!).

If you need further proof that SEO works, let us tell you about the results on Freewarebb (which you can obviously check for yourself!). At the beginning of February this year we finished our SEO analysis and made the changes recommended based on our keyword "freeware software". For that keyword, at that time, we were on page 18 of Google in position 173. By the time we were into the first week of April we had climbed to page 3 at position 26!. Now try telling us SEO analysis isnt relevant or worthwhile!. Also, even targeting one search engine generally makes ground on others and in our case we're still climbing with AOL.Com and we're even on page 1 of AllTheWeb.Com. Don't be surprised however if your search engine results go down as well as up as this is entirely normal as fluctuations in other websites, as well as your own, can cause this. Generally though, your site will climb to a point through good SEO thereafter you will be relying on other factors such as back-links, amount of traffic and popularity and so on although SEO get's you to that point in the first place!.

Here also, is our results on Alexa.Com:
Feb 08: Rank: 1,265,815
Mar 08: Rank: 910,109
Apr 08: Rank: 604,005
... and climbing!

All SEO reports are sent directly to your email address within 48 hours of your payment clearing.

To order, simply follow these instructions:
Copy the text below in a text editor (word, notepad, or anything you may use) and complete all the information required. Then use our CONTACT FORM and paste everything in the "Enter your message" box.

Q01: Your Name:
Q02: Your Email Address:
Q03: Your Website URL:
A03: http://
Q04: Message Subject:
Q05: Please give upto 10 keywords or phrases for your site, seperating each with a comma (,) and listing them in order of importance to you (i.e. most important first). Please note that the first keyword/phrase you give will be the keyword/phrase we use for your analysis:
Q06: Out of the list above, would you like us to check which keywords/phrases you rank the best with on Google.Com?:
Q07: If "YES" to the above, would you like us to run your analysis based on your best performing keyword/phrase even if it's different from your first keyword/phrase in Q05?:
Q08: Would you like us to submit your site to all the popular search engines?
Q09: If yes to Q08, please provide an email address that you do not use for daily business but DO have access to (this is in case that email address receives spam from certain search engines):

Before we will run any analysis we will have to confirm payment through PayPal. You can pay for this service now using the button below ...

Once you've sent us the above details through our CONTACT FORM and made payment through PayPal we'll be ready to start you're analysis!.

As part of any SEO programme you should also consider the following as crucial to the success of your site:
  • Get back-links to your site from other SIMILAR and RELEVANT websites AND NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE LINK FARMS. Doing this may temporarily increase traffic to your site but will not drive the kind of traffic to you that you need NOR will it create any long term advantage; in fact it will most probably get you into bother!. How do we know? Cause we did just that and linked to 2 major link exchange programmes and around that time we ranked up to PR2 but at the next update lost our rank outright!. We removed and distanced ourselves from these link exchanges and the next Google update we ranked to PR4!. In essence, we had over 400 backlinks through these link exchange programmes and at the time were PR2. We dropped those exchange programmes outright and lost over 300 of these links and went to PR4; moral? Approach websites you share a common ground with and ask for a link exchange manually and don't rely on automated link exchange programmes.
  • Get listed in relevant directories. Depending on what your website is about will obviously depend on which directories you submit your site to. Often, you are required to return the favour and list their site on yours which is fine. FreewareBB for example can be found on many directories in categories such as "Internet", "Computers", "Software", "Open Source", and so on - you get the idea?!.
  • Create a "link" or "partners" page specifically for exchanging links with other sites as to keep adding links to your website will soon clutter the look of it and begin giving the impression your more interested in publicising other peoples websites than your own!. If you are linking to sites which could seriously benefit your site (such as those with big page ranks) you might want to consider creating a small list on your front page such as "recommended", "worth a look" or "friends" and keep the amount of people listed there to a minimum. This also shows your appreciation to those "key" sites and will often pay dividends long term.
  • If your using a database driven website (PHP, etc) make your website's URL's "Friendly". For example, our site is PHP/database driven and contained all kinds of weird and wonderful characters in the URL's such as "index.php?automodule" and so on. Using a modification called "IPB SEO" (http://communityseo.com/ipb_seo.htm) we were able to change most of our URL's to something a lot more friendly such as "https://freewarebb.com/downloads.htm".

Also, we would recommend/advise the following:
  • A great tool which we stumbled upon some time ago is http://www.e-referrer.com/ which works simply by displaying the sites who are sending the most traffic to you. This often encourages those sites to place your link in a prominent position and is especially true once you start ranking.
  • Always check request's for exchange links from anyone and make sure you can see your link on their site AND CHECK THEM REGULARLY. It's rarely the case, but can happen that someone asks for an exchange link and then either don't link to you or do for a short time after which time they remove your link and have the advantage of their link still appearing on your site which gives them the best type of link available (one-way links!).

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