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Nov 6 2007, 07:52 AM
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Any member can submit freeware to our site. although if you are a developer please let us know by PM'ing me or using our Contact Form - we will move your account into the "author" group and this way you will be kept informed of developer notices on the site.

If you have already added a download to our site and want to edit it, you simply navigate to your listing and use the "Edit this file" link under the "Operations" heading which is near the bottom of your listing. You can also find your files quickly through My Controls under "Download Manager/Manage Your Files".

Here's the quick-start way of adding a download to our site, further down is a more detailed look at adding freeware.

1. Navigate to the category that your freeware belongs to
2. Drill down into any sub-category
3. Hit the "ADDFILE" button
4. Enter the details of your freeware (i.e. Title, description, direct link to the download, screenshot, etc)
5. Once done, hit the "Add Submission" button and your freeware will be checked by a member of staff before being approved.

Here's a more detailed look at adding a download to our site.

1. First of all, enter our download system from the Navigation bar on the left.
Fig 1.1

2. Next, you need to decide which category best describes the freeware you wish to submit. Simply click on it to enter the category, or any sub-category.
Fig 1.2

3. Next, click the "Add File" button to continue.
Fig 1.3

4. Make sure you are submitting in the correct category, and when ready press the "Continue" button.
Fig 1.4

5. Now we're ready to start entering the details of your post. First of all enter the title of your post (usually this is the name of the freeware) and then give as much detail as possible about the freeware, such as features and so on (as in Fig 1.5). Please pay particular attention to the notes given on the submission form.
Fig 1.5

6. The next step is to enter the Author's website details for your post if applicable, and please always attempt to enter this. Give details also on which particular operating systems the freeware will run on, and always give details of anything required specially for the software to run properly (such as having shockwave or java installed, etc) and where possible it is great to provide a link where people can download these special requirements.
Fig 1.6

7. Scrolling further down the page again reveals more options ... from these boxes you can actually upload the file to our servers although to maximise the browsing experience for everyone we would ask that you only upload files to our servers when there are no alternative links available. For example, if the author provides a download link we would ask that you provide that link in the "Link to File" box rather than uploading it to our servers. This helps spread the load of downloading across a multitude of sites and maintains an excellent browsing experience for everyone using our board.
When providing screenshots of software, we would recommend uploading it to our server using the "Screenshot" box and not linking it as many features of our site can only work with locally held images (such as the 'lightbox' display and 'mini-screenshot' on our front page).


We can alternatively host your file for you free of charge if you are unable to provide a direct link or your file is too big to be uploaded to the site, and in this case please contact us for further details.

Once you've given the necessary details, simply hit the "Add Submission" button and details of your file will be sent to a member of staff to authorize - this can take up to 24 hours though is usually much faster.
Fig 1.7


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