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Leaving Beta Soon

I am working on the next version of Login Learner, which I believe will be version 1.0, the first non-beta version. For me, beta is a status assigned to programs that are not ready for the average user to use. With the upcoming version, I believe Login Learner will be a completed product that parents can use. Version 1.0 will not make any changes to the functionality of the program, rather it will be the first version to include a setup program and updater. I consider the functionality of the program to be mostly complete as of 0.3, but the program as a whole was not because non-tech-savvy parents would not be sure how to use it. With the addition of a setup interface and updater, any parent will be able to download the program, double-click a setup EXE, follow the setup steps, and have the program ready to use. For now, my goals for the installer will be to include an option to make the program start automatically and disable Task Manager (which can be used to bypass LL) for specified user(s), make the LL files non-writable and non-deletable for users who are not administrators, and allow parents to set the parental password (used to access LL options).

The installer and updater will most likely be written with AutoIt, a great scripting interface which can also be used to make GUIs. The goals I have in mind could take a while, especially considering that I do have a day job; building LL is just a hobby. I hope to have 1.0 out some time before the end of October. As I stated, I am not looking to change the current functionality of Login Learner, however if bugs are found that require addressing, please leave a comment. I will either fix them in 1.0, or create an interim beta version, 0.3.1, with the bugs fixed. The latter is more likely if there remains a while before I expect to release 1.0. So, stay tuned for the next release, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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