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One more beta?

Posted by dstrout, in Development Updates 29 October 2011 · 130 views

beta 1.0 0.4 unready stability
I know this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but I am considering releasing one more beta before the stable release. Why, you ask? In one of my previous posts, I stated that I did not want to leave beta until I saw the software as fully ready for easy usage by the general public. From what I am seeing with my work on the next version, it might not be the polished software I want it to be. I am of course going to try to make it the best possible, and the updater and installer should work well enough, but the interfaces won't be as polished as I want them, and may possibly have a few bugs. I want to release the non-beta as bug-free as possible, and with an interface anyone can use. If I feel, once the next version is completed, that this is not the case, I will release it as 0.4. Otherwise, it will be 1.0. In either case, I would encourage people to try it out, as I need beta testers to make sure it works as it should. I will also release a fake update (or at least one with no real functional differences, perhaps some interface tweaks) soon afterwards so people have a chance to test the updater.

I hope you understand.

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I'd gladly give it a whirl dstrout :)
Are you still not getting updates when I post?
Problem at the moment is new blogs don't get publicity on the front page, comments do, so only when someone comments do blogs appear there - if I made it so new blogs appeared then nothing would change when someone leaves a comment, it's kinda a catch22 in regards to the front page. Only if someone subscribed to the blogs or other area's of the site will they receive updates on further comments ... it's all kind of very hit and miss at the minute!!.We're trying to get Invision to listen to our idea's at the moment, basically trying to make notifications, etc, much easier to manage but it's like shoving treacle up a hill!!

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