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What happened to early November?

Posted by dstrout , in Development Updates 25 November 2011 · 712 views

As some of you may have noticed, early November has come and gone with no release. OK, I'll admit it: it's nearly December. I knew I shouldn't have made any promises concerning a release date, as there was a good chance I'd run in to the problems I am running into now. First, finding some way to download the update with a progress bar and without a false positive from antivirus has proven problematic. I'm probably going to make the downloader without a progress bar. Even once that's done, it's hard to set up the updater, as the updater will probably have to copy everything to a temp directory, download the file, extract it, and copy it back to the original location, copy the settings back over, then delete itself. All in only HTML and JScript.

Then, I have to make an installer that does stuff requiring elevated privileges, which I can't figure out how to do in HTML and JScript. I hate to admit it, but what I am trying to do might not be possible. I will continue to try, but I am not overly optimistic. I'm not going to throw out another release estimate, except I hope to be done before the new year. I want this to be possible for several reasons. First, this will be a useful program for parents. Second, I want to get rid of the traditional software model in which everything is done in what most people consider "real" programming languages: C++, Visual Basic, etc. There is, however, no reason an HTML and JavaScript programmer like myself can't make software every bit as useful as any other type.

Anyway, back to the grindstone!

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    Thanks for the heads up dstrout, and for your honesty ... I'm sure you're doing what you can my friend and it's appreciated :)

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