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Use Freeware to Move Start Menu in Windows XP, Vista, 7

Posted by FutureShock , 19 January 2013 · 152 views

Bored this evening, so I am conducting a tutorial on how to move the start menu to a more logical area on the screen.
Screens are getting bigger and more and more programs need an icon in the system tray, so, especially for right handers, this kind of set up makes sense.  Move the start menu closer to the system tray, and many or most of the tasks for managing software usage will be close together.
This had been on my mind for a long time.  The start button is way out of the way, but, when I went to a 22" screen, it became intolerably situated if not unusable.  So I finally buckled down and went to work to see what I could turn up about achieving the goal.  I didn't really care how...I just wanted the start menu closer to the system tray.  The final result is displayed in the photo below.

I keep about 20 programs open and running in the system tray.  Ever concious of system resources, I have been fortunate to find applications that are easy on this core2duo system.  For the record, I had just as many on a Pentium 4 setup, so it is possible to do with limited resources.  This machine idles at about 1-2%, while the Pentium 4 hummed in idletry at about 2-3%.  Honestly, the number of icons in the tray could be double what it is, and I believe I have been very selective.  If I need the menu for a program and if it is well designed and runs lean, I have it in the system tray.  Thanks to Microsoft and the contracting system tray view, the number of icons is very bearable for me.  This system makes it even more bearable, since I am getting more usability from the computer for my time investment.
On to the tutorial.  To set up this system, 2 freeware programs are needed.  The first is ObjectDock Free by StarDock.  This is an excellent launcher like Rocket Dock with a slightly different focus out of the install, system functions.  Unlike any of the other launchers I have seen, it comes equipped with a start menu button.  The best part is that the start menu button can be moved across the launcher to the right side of the screen.  And it's cool that the icon can be customized I admit.  The second program is for those who want to really achieve the highest call of streamlining.  It's called Start Killer 3.2 by Tordex.  Just install and fire up this bad mamma jamma and say goodbye to the start button on your task bar.
So here's how to do this.  Download and install ObjectDock.  Set it to live on the bottom of the screen and then move the start menu icon all the way to the right.  Make sure you have it set to run on start up.  Next download and install Start Killer 3.2.  Make sure you have it set to run on start up as well once you get it fired up.  Now say goodbye to all your hassles in life.
This is really the best of all worlds for me with a pretty large screen.  I have added Rocket Dock to the right edge, set to appear on mouse over.  Now it's all more or less in one place.  For added ergonomic convenience, I had also added Rainmeter Omnimo theme, which provides customization features and the ability to move program launch tiles and web site launchers around the screen to the best locations for my usage.
I say it pays to experiment.  If you have an idea or something you want to achieve with your PC, ask around.  You can start here at FreewareBB.  You'll find plenty of help for getting started, but, by all means, do reach out to achieve your goal.  After all, everything should be fun...even computing...on second thought, make that especially computing!

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