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First 15 Freewares to Add to a New PC

Posted by FutureShock, 21 July 2012 · 225 views

One of the PC sites I trust the most for news (site is a man's name...begins with T and ends with om's) and help has come out with a July 19 list of the first 15 freewares to put on a new machine.  Here's the list:

Avast Antivirus
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Open Office
Free Video Converter
Notepad C++

Like to see how many of these you guys have on your machine(s) or if you have any comments on programs that compare to the above but you like better.  For example, I would install Opera in the place of Google Chrome, but it would barely make my first 15 to install.  Let's get some commentary and comments going, such as "I don't social network, so no need for anything like TweetDeck" or ""There are lots of better programs (of the type of one of the above) than the one they chose" or "I don't trust this kind of app", etc.

Looking at the list, I have 5 of these.  Opera for Chrome (the whole Google system is just too much for me even though I don't hate it).  Is VLC going down the tubes?  I don't have it.  I hate messengers until the standard is a universal one, so Pidgin and Skype are out, although both cross boundaries I guess (waiting for this area to develop before I install anything).  Thanks to Jim I have URex Video Converter Platinum over Video converter Free.  Don't trust the idea of storing files any place online, so drop kick Dropbox.

I would remove from the list:
Google Chrome-Google system is too much for me.  Don't hate it...it's just too much
Open Office-Not in the top 15 even if I don't have MS Office
Skype-Things change too fast for me with these messaging/communication programs.  Waiting for one sure thing
Pidgin-Same as above I guess
iTunes-Great for some, not for me.  It's a good system, so I get why the author thought so
VLC-Going down hill?  I never liked VLC seriously.  Pylon icon makes me think it's always under construction
TweetDeck-Don't use social networks this way
Dropbox-Don't trust online storage and besides this isn't a free service

Leaving Notepad C++ because it's one that I have seen alot, and a text editor is a very cool thing to have, although I haven't installed one yet.

Titles I would have on the list:
Comodo Programs Manager-Start with a really good installer/uninstaller.  Comodo is good
Sofonica Folder Soldier-Lock folders.  Got to protect your files
RocketDock-Access to your most important files right off the bat
LibreOffice-With or without MS Office installed
TreeSize Free-Really see what's on your machine...Everything a close 2nd
AUSLogics Defrag-Nice
Recuva-Gonna make a mistake sooner or later
Toolwiz TimeFreeze-Double insurance with System Restore when used...

Others to consider:
PC Wizard- If you need to know your system specs up close
Dexpot-If you require multiple desktops
Rainmeter-Get the desktop set up
Opera-Got to have a go to browser
Screen Recorder-MS freebie.  Got to have a screen recorder
Fences-Keep the desktop straight
Power Lock-Lock programs and individual files
Firefox-Video rendering seems good to me

My final list:
Comodo Programs Manager
Avast Antivirus
Sofonica Folder Soldier-Got to be able to at least lock folders
AUSLogics Defrag
Toolwiz TimeFreeze
PC Wizard
Paint.NET-Got to have one

Best I could do for myself in 15.  Left off some important stuff here...hope nobody ever finds a way to put a quota on the number of freewares allowed on a computer.  I'd be in trouble... :sarcastic:


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