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Microsoft's Love Affair with Pseudo Intellectualism

Posted by FutureShock, 04 August 2012 · 178 views

The recent widget announcement by MS over a virus scare in Vista/7 shook my confidence to an all time low with the company...depths I'd have never before imagined it could reach.  I mean, I REALLY bought into the hope and promise for a peaceful and prosperous world that Windows 3.1 created.  Honestly, I'm really sad over the whole thing.

The widgets?  They aren't really the whole picture, but they are a fundamental element of Vista and Windows 7, and, usually, as stingy as the Gates legacy remains, even Microsoft would find a fix for the kind of trouble hackers stirred up with the scare.  Instead and just all the sudden...NEVER USE WIDGETS AGAIN!  PULL THEM OFF OUR SERVERS!  THAT FEATURE DOES NOT FUNCTION IN THIS VERSION!  OK .

It really hit home with me though.  I felt like Microsoft was telling you that you don't deserve your OS who use Vista or 7.  And it made me angry.  I mean, seriously, who do they think they are to just take away a feature from a program they sold to you (and that you worked hard to pay for) with no explanation but that a hacker might wreck your machine with a virus if you use the feature?  A virus?  Whose fault is that?  Don't I get the widgets from you MS?  They were fine up until now!

Oh and, well, widgets are so much like, ahem, our new friend tiles (Windows 8) in a way.  Well, I can't help but think that MS shortchanged 7 users with that announcement.  And "Crate" is HERE.  I mean it's hard to get around the obvious incentive for MS to just say they can't help 7 users with their widget problem.  People will have to pay for tiles...at least some of them.

It's not this one single decision by Microsoft leadership that has me questioning the integrity of the leadership decisions, though.  It's so many things in a row.  Questionable decisions, excuses, poorly conceived or marketed products...and some apparent conflicts of interest, too.  Yes, things have gone so wrong with my view of MS that I actually find myself believing that individuals within the company could even be paying people to do Microsoft wrong.  Come on Future Shock .  SLAP!  "You know, don't you think somebody on the 8 development team could have paid a hacker to plant the widget viruses to bring attention to his efforts on the 8 project?"  Nope it's still there ....  I mean I admit, these notions seem completely absurd on the face of things.  Turn on RealPlayer and forget about it.  Nope...it's still there.  Yep paying them to do them wrong. I don't know, it's just the new breed of thievery...it knows no bounds or limits...and it seems to be everywhere masquerading as a prodigy or a genius.  It has me peering deeply into things and maybe I am overly suspicious.  Yet I think I'm beginning to understand.

Maybe my confidence is easily shaken with things to do with PCs, too, but I'm not counting the (inbreed ivy league) rejects that have taken over as the next generation of Microsoft out of anything.  It was bad before, sometimes, at the company, even when BG was in control, but a bunch of hell bent, pseudo intellectuals puffing themselves up like 12 year olds into a frenzy to get even with the mainstream culture that has so persecuted them out of stealing video games and carrying weight for any stupid evil to count as their self appointed right to commit (all of whom grew up believing that stealing a car is better than buying one), well, that has me thinking twice about what's going on behind the scenes.  I just have my doubts over whether the leadership at MS has completely lost control of the employees.

So, I won't look at MS the same way until someone puts the company in its place...be it the leadership or someone else...

Did someone at MS pay this German company to threaten a suit over metro on a promise and to look good in the face of a looming perception that was showing up in customer approval data for Windows 8?  Uuuuugh.  The worst part of all this is that I find myself having trouble believing that the insiders at Redmond aren't encouraging misdeeds.  It's just the perception I have, especially coming off the XBOX crowd.  But there is so much contradiction.  What about Gates' trip to China?  And that just 5 years after the American scandal over illegal political donations and contributions from Chinese businessmen.  There was a serious breach of American law in that political scandal.  Gates' trip on the other hand was a good trip, along with the subsequent trips to northern India and elsewhere, and a good idea.  But the legacy of Gates' trip to China (after his "retirement"), which was I'm sure conducted with the best of intentions and which may have even come away with groundbreaking agreements with the Chinese government for Microsoft, is now in the hands of a new breed.  Yep, the new breed of twenty somethings (the "lifetime of crime" set) appear to have taken over at the company.  And what have they turned those Gates agreements, whatever they were, into in MS corporate mindsets?  It appears to me a license to walk over anything that doesn't sacrifice itself to the god of self destruction...whatever that is.  Sad to say...these young criminal minds will soon themselves sacrifice Gates' appointed heir Steve Ballmer, beloved kook that he is, unless there are some serious answers for big business from MS...

Someone will put MS in its place...

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