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Welcome to the Blogs!!!

Posted by marko , 30 August 2011 · 940 views

FreewareBB Blogs are available to anyone with an account on the site, you can create, edit and even spread your blog across the web using the 'ping' services built in!!.   Already have a blog elsewhere? ... import it into a new FreewareBB Blog and get even more coverage, just choose "Link to external Blog" when creating your new Blog here :good:

A blog is like a journal, you can keep lots of information in one place, but it also allows others to participate with you, leave comments and ratings and so on.   Whatsmore, you have complete control over your own Blog and can choose whether to make it public or private and which members can see it or not.

For members, it can be a great place to springboard your personality, create a blog about an interest you have and share with everyone, and for developers it can be a great portal for your software, taking advantage of the position our site has within the search engines to gain more exposure for your products  - whatever the reason for creating your own blog, enjoy and experiment :dance:

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    Another great addition to a great site marko :)
      What if I have a question, such as ,,,Does Rising PC Doctor really work???? Your answer is.........

        What if I have a question, such as ,,,Does Rising PC Doctor really work???? Your answer is.........

        My answer would be to check the actual listing first for comments, if none exist, post one asking for other people's experiences or start a thread in the forums asking the same ?? :)
          Thank you,,I'm impressed with the quick reply. I don't mean to come off kind of crass,, but that developed over the years with my job!!!! Again, thanks.
            :) LOL, no 'crassness' taken Claw - hope to see more of you on the site :)
              What they said thats all i can say LOL.?

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