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Update v3.3 to FreewareBB

Posted by marko , 15 March 2012 · 822 views

The next update from our site developers is v3.3.   The last major version update was v3.0 although v3.3 is much more subtle and brings only a few new features with the majority of the work and effort being more in the backend of the site, helping visibility on the net through SEO and making the site more stable, faster and nicer to use.

Please feel free to comment on any of the following changes ahead or suggest new features for future updates :)

SEO Updates
For a long time now, forums have had a particularly bad time on the net in regards to SEO.   SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and basically the better SEO a site has the more chance it has of finding it's way to the top of search engine results, and as a result will begin to attract a lot more visitors.   We don't really spend a great deal of time worrying about SEO ourselves, but our site developers Invision realise that their forum software could be a little better configured to help SEO.   The reason forums do particularly bad is because of the diverse nature of topics and replies.   Keywords play an important part for a site's SEO and with all manner of words in topics and threads, it can be confusing for search engines to determine what exactly a thread is talking about.   Invision hope to begin addressing this issue in the next update so hopefully we'll begin to rank better and attract more visitors :)

Login Autosave
Since the release of v3.2 of our site script, an ajax popup box appeared for entering your username and password.   Because this used ajax, some browsers wouldn't automatically save the details but this has been fixed in v3.3.

Emoticons in Signatures
Not immensly important, but nevertheless, you will be able to insert smiley's into your signatures in v3.3.

Site Speed
Because our site is a database driven site, depending on how many people are browsing or downloading it can sometimes cause bottlenecks as our MySQL database attempts to keep up with all those requests.   Invison have made significant improvements in v3.3 and assure us that most people should notice an increase in performance and speed on the site :)

Facebook and Twitter Auto-Sharing
With so many people having facebook and twitter accounts these days, it makes sense to give everyone the tools to utilise these services.   The next update extends the facilities already available on the site - at present, anyone can share a topic via facebook or twitter but in v3.3 you will be able to select a setting that will automatically tweet or send your new post to facebook, and you can even save that setting so each time you post it will automatically tweet or send to facebook for you!!.

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    SEO has always been a killer for forums marko, lets hope these changes push freewarebb higher up the search rankings where you guys should be

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