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Planned work to the site coming up

Posted by marko, 02 April 2012 · 199 views

In preparation of some forthcoming work planned for the site, we will be making some subtle changes, particularly to the downloads section of the site.   These changes will mainly involve the addition or amendment of certain categories.

We will be required to do this for one main reason.   We have already commissioned work to develop a new modification for the site which will allow developers to submit their software to FreewareBB using an industry standard format.   This format is known as "PAD file submissions", with "PAD" standing for Portable Application Description.

We have, until now, resisted the urge to become "PAD" enabled for a variety of reasons, one of which was the fear it would take away our "uniqueness" or that the "PAD" file system was particularly outdated and as such, a tad insecure.   However, we have already spoken to a number of people and the developer performing this modification, and we are completely satisfied that there is zero risk involved in this modification - more so the opposite in fact, because we have one of the key people heavily involved with the entire Invision development (the software that actually runs our site) and Invision are responsible for many hundreds of thousands of forums (if not millions!) across the world!.

Once we are equipped to accept software submissions in this way we will see a greater submission rate directly from developers themselves which means better access to support for you direct from the developer, and it also means updates become semi-automated in the sense that we are told directly by our own system if there are updates to our files and as such we can view and approve them in a fraction of the time it used to take us to search manually for updates.   On the face of things, most people won't necessarily see any changes to the site as such, but you will see more new software appear more regularly and as we've just explained, updates will be fast, very fast !!.

So, please do bear with us over the coming weeks as we move things around slightly and make all the necessary changes - for the most part, you shouldn't be affected adversely but if you do see some empty categories appear or change those will form part of the up and coming modifications ahead :)
Kind Regards

Source: Planned work to the site coming up

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