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How to create a blog

Posted by marko, 01 September 2011 · 732 views

Here's a quick look at how you create a blog on FreewareBB.   You can use a blog for all kinds of things, whether it's personal or for your software, we really don't mind - the more unique, the better!!

1. First, go to the Blogs from the main menu and then hit the "Create New Blog" button.
Fig 1.1

2. Accept the short agreement and press "Next".
Fig 1.2

3. The name of your blog will already be set, change it if you want to something else or you can just leave it as is.   Enter a description also or you can just leave this blank.   If you would rather link your FreewareBB blog to an existing blog you have somewhere else then choose "Link to external Blog" from the dropdown otherwise just leave it at "Local Blog", then press "Finish".
Fig 1.3

4. Have a look through the options which you are now presented with, for the most part you can just leave all these as they are but feel free to change them as you wish.   If you want to allow another member to have editorial access and rights on your blog just start typing their username in the "Editors" box and choose the correct name from the dropdown which will appear.
Fig 1.4

5. More options are shown like the ability to have an RSS Feed for your blog and to ping some of the better known social services.
Fig 1.5

6. Final lot of options, although these can mostly be left alone unless you specifically require an XML-RPC interface feed - this would apply if you wanted the contents of your blog to be posted to other blog services you have an account with, like The Blogger, etc.  Now press "Save Settings"
Fig 1.6

7. Now we have your new blog created, we can post a new entry, manage it's settings and more - for example if you wanted to create a new category you would choose "Manage Categories".
Fig 1.7

8. Under "Add New Category" enter a new for your new category, then press "Add".
Fig 1.8

9. To make a new post, you would choose "Post New Entry" (as in Fig 1.7) or from the Blog front end "Add Entry".   You'll notice straight away it's very like adding a post in the forums, the slight difference being you'll be able to save your blog post as a draft and come back to it later for further editing, or to post your blog on the site you would just hit the "Publish" button.
Fig 1.9

10. A great way to collect useful information you've found on the forums is to "Blog This" .. just create your blog then in the forums you'll notice a "Blog This" link under the topics - if you find a topic particularly useful or just want to collect similar useful post's in one place you can do that using this function.  Give it a try!!
Fig 1.10

11. If you do you the "Blog This" feature, it basically transfers the details of that post across into a new post for you, so you can edit it, add your own details to it or whatever else you feel relevant - just hit the "Publish" button when you're happy to blog it.
Fig 1.11

Source: How to create a blog

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Marko - When I click on 'Blog' in the main menu, there is no "Create New Blog" button. In the position you indicate in the screenshot is an "Add New" button. Can't see any other button. Using Firefox 3.6.20
Jim -- It is there using chrome - but only if logged in!
Thanks jjj, I don't have Chrome and I don't really want to install it just for this. :) I'm sure Marko will get the issue fixed soon (at least I hope so :) ) Cheers.....Jim
Jimbo, are you still having this issue, think I need to have blog comments on the front page, didn't even know there were comments made on this blog!!!
Yep, still the same mate. Even tried with IE 9 and that was the same too. Definitely no "Create New Bog" button in either. :)
Should be sorted now Jimbo :)
Yep,all good. Thanks mate!!

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