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  • Submitted: Dec 12 2011 10:13 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 19 2012 07:05 AM
  • File Size: 3.32MB
  • Views: 2428
  • Downloads: 221
  • Will Run On: XP/Vista/7 (32/64-Bit)
  • Author's Site: Click Here
  • License: Info Not Available

Toolwiz Time Freeze

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Publishers Description
Toolwiz Time Freeze is a free instant system restore solution to keep your system safe and always like new.  It protects Toolwiz Time Freezeyour system from any unwanted changes and malicious activity in low disk level.

With a simple click,  it puts your actual system under virtual protection on the fly and creates a virtual environment as a copy of the real system, on which you can evaluate applications, watch movies, and perform online activities. It provides higher-level security to computer protection, and greatly improves the efficiency of virtual system.

The TimeFreeze engine creates a virtual environment as a copy of the real system, keeps the actual system in a constant state, and prevents computer from unwanted changes. It can prevent malicious threats being made and doing harm to your computer.

The File Protection engine helps you to prohibit changing files or accessing the protected folders by others and protect your files from being infected by viruses or stolen by Trojans.

  • Protects your files and folders from unwanted changes and provides password protection
  • Keeps system safe from threats of virus, spyware, worm, Trojan, etc.
  • Enter and Exit virtual system with a single click, no need to reboot computer
  • Easy system restore and recovery to remove unwanted changes
  • Adding files to the File Protection feature
  • New protection mode greatly improves efficiency of virtual system

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • Fixed one bug which cause installer failed.
  • Fixed several minor bugs


Scanned & Checked: Jul 19 2012 07:05 AM

When we last updated Toolwiz Time Freeze, we made sure it was still virus and malware free and the developer's site had no proven issues in any of the reputable site advisory services. In the unlikely event you notice any issues, please let us know immediately, otherwise we will schedule this software for another scan the next time it is updated.

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Publisher claims this tool works on all modern Windows OS's including Win8.
x86 and x64 supported. Rarely see tools in this category as free. (Sandboxie perhaps, but that's for only one program)
Bit busy around here with the holidays right around the corner but will test and report back in about a week.
I can tell you now Bala - TimeFreeze is excellent. Works fine on my Win7 64-bit system. It's very simple but also extremely effective. Two Modules: 1) Total protection and 2) Protect user designated files/folders.

Read my full review HERE.
Thanks Jim, your insights are always valued.

Do you remember 'GoBack' by Roxio back in early XP days before Norton bought them and discontinued?
Although this "take me back in time" program was not free it was light years ahead of current Windows System Restore or OSX Time Machine. This is the quandary of independent coders, become moderate successful, sellout to a giant IT firm, if the program can't be integrated ... kill it.

All the best to you and yours.
Hey Bala - To be honest I don't actually recall that one, but I do appreciate where you are coming from. :)

DVDShrink is a typical example - a masterful piece of coding, the author snapped up by a huge corporation on the proviso that the DVDShrink project is shelved, a brilliant piece of software no longer under development. :)

I'll be very interested to hear what you think of TimeFreeze Bala.
Reviewed ver:
Sorry for the time lapse, I've been very busy...
Toolwiz Time Freeze works on all modern versions of windows from WinXP right through Win8 Dev both x86 and x64. Toolwiz Time Freeze is astonishingly easy to use. I trained an 11 year old in 5 minutes with no complications. TTF offers a surprising level of protection in such a small package with minuscule system resources. Super easy to revert your system back to its original state: a reboot is required. TTF allows for start-up with windows or manual start. TTF's small floating desktop toolbar is trivial to turn-off.

The exe is completely clean, installs itself instantly, no adware or spyware. Best practice to turn-off your firewall during install. A must have tool for casual users offering excellent system protection. Get this while TTF is still free.

For Geeks: [not to be confused with Greeks ]
Should not replace Sandboxie which sandboxes an individual program and requires no reboot, although TTF does have user specified folder monitoring.  TTF does not replace a dedicated VM.  Since TTF runs within the Windows Kernel, [two Windows kernel drivers] if you have a Kernel Panic or System32 folder becomes corrupt by a low level rootkit, TTF will not offer much protection. TTF does hook itself to your MBR so if your security solution gets upset: exclude. Also, TTF does not replace paid tools such as Faronics - Deep Freeze which works outside of Windows; important if you experience catastrophic failure, DF Linux kernel restore points will get you up-and-running within minutes.

Overall, 5 stars.
Fair to say this is a full time real time sandbox environment?

Curious to know how the program is on system resources too...

Not sure I understand the empowerment the software provides.  I should try it before asking stupid questions, but this one sounds like a pretty big change/shock to the system, and I'd like to know what exactly I am enabled to do using the features before I go with an install.

Jabbing in the dark, but it sounds like the program copies everything that could be in danger, and then gives me options for making reversions before they reach my system...like a sandbox.  Would be nice for testing programs me thinks...

The real test for me would be protection improvement vs. resource usage...I'm on an old duo core...although I do have plenty of RAM.

Trolling for a little extra feedback I guess...

Minimal, only one background process running.

No big shocks, hardly know its running.

TTF stores a copy of your current state in a 4.5 GB folder so you do need a little hard disk space.

Any CPU within the past 10 years is sufficient. No special Ram requirement.

test Toolwiz Time Freeze current version 1.6.0 you will be pleasantly surprised.
Sounds like it's worth a try.  Sure is getting top ratings.  Only thing is I'm on XP, and I hate restarts.  Not that they're really slow...they are, but I hate the stresses of restarts.  For that reason, I leave her in standby and try to avoid any disturbances to the harmonic status quo...

Bala7, gratitudes for the grapple on LibreOffice.  Curious if you saw the news with Intel.  I was a bit bit stunned that LO found a way to get in with that type of corp.  Hope it works out...
Makes perfect sense to me. Intel is working on a pad/tablet running Intel's x86 architecture to compete with all other pad/tablets running on ARM architecture. Any pad capable of operating a full office suite and Toolwiz Time Freeze will finally dethrone Apple. Google's Android can not threaten Apple because Google Docs require an always-on Internet connection.
Thanks to you guys, Bala7 and Jim, for the reviews on this one.  Hands down one of the finest apps I've run across in my time reviewing freeware.

I just can't get enough of the apps that are fully focused on one great idea...in this case a virtual installation mode.  I guess the best comparison with freeware I could make would be with Sun VirtualBox.  In this case not because of the virtual environment aspect, but because of the straight to the point delivery of a great idea in a free program found in each of the programs.  No mistakes, everyone should have TimeFreeze.  It's a killer app...

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