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Are mobile devices causing too many distractions for younger people?

Is it possible that the younger generation are growing up, unable toseparatethemselves from their mobile devices, even when their lives depend on it?!.
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Sicurpas Freeware Professional 4.0

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Publishers Description
Sicurpas 4.0 Professional is a powerful password manager with which, in addition to protecting your passwords, you can also encrypt your files. A suite for the security of data created by a team of programmers working in Sardinia. This software has been designed on three encryption algorithms among the most famous in the world:
  • Rijndael key with 2556 bits
  • Twofish with 256-bit key
  • Blowfish with 448-bit key
Armed with this procedural framework, Sicurpas has some design features marked safety that make the program a real safe unassailable. Universally recognized as one of the safest in the world software since the previous version, Sicurpas has been further enhanced and offers its users the following functions:
  • Sicurpas AKL Algorithm: The algorithm anti Keylogger created by Mariano and Pierluigi Ortu team Sicurpas, can darken this type of spy software.
  • AKL Confusion Keylogger + +: is an additional algorithm that has been shown to mislead all Keylogger known today. The effectiveness of these systems is documented in the official website of the program.
  • Sicurpas Ghost Algorithm: This algorithm is able to repel the attacks of programs detectors asterisks and the infamous memory dump. In the current version the designers Mariano and Pierluigi Ortu, have enhanced and speeded up this security system that can be interfaced with ISAAC and ASCII random to generate random strings.
  • Sicurpas Password Transformer: with this specification can distort the characters that make up a master key.
  • Breakdown of the master key in several portions to be used for the management of credentials to the opening of the archives with encrypted passwords.
  • Auto typing your username and password in the websites
  • Composition of complex reports with auto typing for daily work in offices and other facilities that require this type of transaction.
  • Sicurpas Blizzard Algorithm: the strong password generator capable of processing 40 password for each individual processing.
These lists are just some of the features of Sicurpas program, which has to his credit four awards Award, two of which received from foreign sites that deal with freeware programs. This program is distributed in the version with self-installing setup and portable USB. Compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP.
If you want to password protect files and using a professional solution at a very high level of security, Sicurpas is definitely the program you are looking for. For more information, here are the links that refer, respectively, detailed description and to download:

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When we last updated Sicurpas Freeware Professional we scanned it using VirusTotal and checked the developers site was not listed negatively with any of the reputable site advisory sites such as WOT or SiteAdvisor. We pride ourselves on safe downloads from honest and trustworthy developers

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