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Important Notice: We have removed the information regarding this free download as it is no longer supported by FreewareBB. Please review the comments for further information or request more info using the comments if none is available, and if you feel we have removed this listing in error, please let us know.

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(REMOVED) Storm Codec 7.01.19

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Publishers Description
As a addon and enhancement of Windows Media Player, Storm Codec provides a solution to most popular media files, streams and VCD/DVD, it can play RealMedia, QuickTime, MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD, 3ivx, MP4, FFGS, H264...), MPEG-2, HDTV, AC3/DTS/LPCM, VP3/VP6, Theora, TTL2, Subtitles, OGG/OGM, Matroska, APE, FLAC, AAC, MPC, Voxware, FLC, 3GP/AMR... without any other Media Player (But latest Windows Media Player is recommended).

RealPlayer 10.5 decodings cores & ActiveX
RealMedia Splitter
QuickTime 7.13 decodings cores & ActiveX (contains AMR/3GP & H264 in the MOV support)
Flash Player 9 r16
Kopei´s XviD Codec 1.10 (Build 20.05123 million)
ffdshow MPEG-4 Codec 20.060526 million (contains realaac, liba52, libdts, libtremor and so on)
On2 VP7 Codec
On2 VP6 Codec
Ligos Indeo Codec 3.2 - 5.2
GV Codec 1.2
CyberLink Video/SP Filter (ATI)
NVidia PureVideo Decoder 1.02-223
RatDVD Decoder 0.78.1444
OGG Splitter
AAC Parser 1.1
CoreFLAC Audio Decoder & Source DirectShow Filter
DS Monkey´s Audio Filter 1.0 + APE Audio Lib 3.99u4
SHN to WAV Filter 20.051008 million
TTA DirectShow Splitter
RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter
OGG Vorbis MSACM Codec
Voxware Metasound & Metavoice ACM Codec
Haali´s Splitter 20.060707 million
PMP Splitter
VSFilter (Direct VobSub) 2.37
Media Player Classic
G.Spot 2.60 B00

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It would appear this developer has abandoned their software.

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