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  • Submitted: May 05 2008 10:45 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 21 2012 05:41 PM
  • File Size: 9.42MB
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  • Will Run On: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
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PC Tools ThreatFire 4.7.0

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Publishers Description

ThreatFire Free Edition is an application designed to protect your computer against malware such as trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, and buffer overflows by intelligently detecting and blocking behavior consistent with that of malware.

ThreatFire uses advanced patent-pending technology to detect signs of malicious behavior commonly used by malware threats. ThreatFire is unlike traditional antivirus products that rely on old fashioned "signature" technology and require updating every time a new threat occurs.

By constantly monitoring the activity on your PC ThreatFire's ActiveDefense technology is able to hunt down and paralyze threats that are too new or too clever to be recognized by traditional security software.

ThreatFire employs an intelligent behavioral engine to only alert you on truly malicious behavior, because sometimes even legitimate software may look malicious. This means you are only alerted when you really need to be.

  • Immediately Effective with No Complicated Set Up
  • Proactive Defense against Both Known and Unknown Threats
  • PC Tools AntiVirus Included for On-demand Scanning
  • Quarantine and Permanently Remove Threats from Your System
  • Rootkit Scanner Seeks Out Deeply Hidden Files, Objects and Registry Keys
  • Complementary to Your Existing Antivirus Software
  • Advanced Custom Configuration Options and Rules Settings
  • Virtually No Impact on System Performance
  • Built-in Web Search Provides Additional Threat Details
  • Continually Improving Protection Technology

What's New in Version 4.7.0 (See full changelog)

  • Behavior profiling: patent pending technology which groups threats into families based on common traits or characteristics of the threat — similar to the way authorities profile criminals. This technology makes ThreatFire capable of catching hundreds of variants of malware derived from the same original threat and helps you to make a more informed decision about any malicious activity on your computer.
  • In-the-cloud techniques: potential threats are also verified against in-the-cloud black/white lists that are regularly updated to determine how they should be handled. This approach means ThreatFire asks fewer questions; requiring fewer decisions from you. Only on rare occasions when those potential threats are not identified through ThreatFire’s behavioral analysis and its in-the-cloud database, you will be displayed an action alert (yellow alert) for you to make a choice as to whether to block or allow the threat.

Scanned & Checked: Apr 21 2012 05:41 PM

When we last updated PC Tools ThreatFire, we made sure it was still virus and malware free and the developer's site had no proven issues in any of the reputable site advisory services. In the unlikely event you notice any issues, please let us know immediately, otherwise we will schedule this software for another scan the next time it is updated.

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Comes bundled with Google toolbar and no trace of an AV on-demand scanner, otherwise a fine additional security software.
Strange, I've never seen Google toolbar with this app Claw, are you sure it was Threatfire that installed it?   As for "on demand" scanner, it's not really a scanner as such, it's more of a preventative app than an "on demand" app - it's really meant as a compliment to an existing anti-virus solution :)
Just installed this updated version on 2 PCs using IE8 on one and Firefox11 on the other and on the 5th phase of installation it has Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Claw, hate to say it mate but I'm still definitely not seeing this .. I uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed, and nothing - no mention of the toolbar and definitely no sign of it on any of my browsers after install?.   Are you able to take a screenshot at some point on another installation?
That's freaky, I'm definitely still not seeing anything like that Claw .. the only difference between us you're on XP and I'm on Windows 7 but I wouldn't have thought an installer would have compromised on either one - really strange but I'll add a warning to the software listing making people aware that there is a third party app on this, even though I still can't seem to see it when installing !! :)
Thank you Marko, it's still a great app.

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