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  • Submitted: Nov 28 2009 10:37 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 01 2012 02:47 PM
  • File Size: 19.76MB
  • Views: 973
  • Downloads: 49
  • Will Run On: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
  • Author's Site: Click Here
  • License: Info Not Available

MemoMaster 4.1.3

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Publishers Description
MemoMaster is a powerful MS-Word and MS-Excel compatible free outliner software. It administers all kinds of information, e.g. Phone transcripts, lists, addresses, descriptions or any item that needs be found again.

The structure of a database is created with the support of folders and Text or Calculation Memos in a tree.  The content of a Text Memo may be edited with the internal word processing tool. In a spreadsheet of a Calculation Memo, data may be listed or calculations can be executed. Folder or Memos can be highlighted or equipped with icons.

Apart from files, tables, form fields, pictures, links to other Memos, e-mails or websites may be inserted. All content may be printed out exported either a document in Microsoft Word or Acrobat -- including table of contents -- or a table in Excel including functions. The Memo Search allows the research for content, titles, form fields, dates as well as several search terms that are all, not or minimally included. Selected text can be looked up online to cross-reference in Google or Wikipedia.  

MemoMaster is free for non-commercial users.

Scanned & Checked: Jun 01 2012 02:47 PM

When we last updated MemoMaster, we made sure it was still virus and malware free and the developer's site had no proven issues in any of the reputable site advisory services. In the unlikely event you notice any issues, please let us know immediately, otherwise we will schedule this software for another scan the next time it is updated.

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Appears to me that compatibility with MS Office could make this program high profile in business circles.  This is like other planners we see, but there is an high degree of flexibility for a user with each line entry.  The entry can be part of a link tree that takes you to text or can be a link and contain text too.  Add in the ability to import numbers and use formulas and there seem to be an awful lot of creative options with the program.  I could see someone creating an office diary, then another file for to do lists, then another for research projects like, for example, the evidence supporting the likelihood that there could be a corporate merger or run of success for a company, etc.

I haven't even scratched the surface with this program I admit.  I'm just taking their word for most of the claims made about the features.  However, it is VERY clean and looks to be a program that the authors will be supporting for some time to come.  Looks like one of those freewares that can't miss.  The features are just too well focused on a specific area of user productivity.

I recommend downloading this one and taking a look at the example uses for the program.  To do so click File->Open Memo Database->ExampleDatabase.  Check out the calculations that can be done.  Pretty impressive.

I did try to import a large Excel spreadsheet into the program.  It imported, but not correctly and not in a useful form.  Some of the key formulas in that spreadsheet are pretty complex, so I am sure that was the problem.  Can't blame the author for limiting the compatibility with Excel considering full compatibility would mean completely recreated MS Office inside the program.  MemoMaster is more meant for importing data than for importing office files, although it is possible to import MS Office files.  Since that's not what the function is for this software and since the simple math functions seem to work well based on the examples, I am willing to say that the future looks good for this freeware.

As for simplicity of use, overall, MemoMaster looks complicated, but it's not as bad as it seems.  If you know your way around office software a little bit, you should be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly.  I think it may help to understand this program to think of it as personal software rather than group oriented.  Yes, the files can be shared, etc., but this is a personal tool for private notes, etc....not like OneNote which is for group communication and interaction...

Whoever found it, nice find.  I think this is definitely one I will be keeping an eye on for the future.
Couple of notes on this one.  The downloadable version is licensed as shareware.  I have only begun to work with the program, but the shareware agreement gives strong hints that the features in the software will be reduced after 30 days.  Marko, you may be aware of this and have some experience with the situation, idk.  Otherwise, I will keep the software and give an update...

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