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  • Submitted: Apr 22 2010 06:42 AM
  • Last Updated: Aug 08 2012 08:36 AM
  • File Size: 19.2MB
  • Views: 2620
  • Downloads: 200
  • Will Run On: XP/Vista/7 (32/64-Bit)
  • Author's Site: Click Here
  • License: Info Not Available

Advanced Uninstaller Pro 11.0

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Publishers Description
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Advanced Uninstaller Pro is the best free uninstaller for Windows. You can uninstall programs quickly and completely using its simple and intuitive interface.

The Installation Monitor included in the program can watch all the actions that a program performs on your computer while it installs. Advanced Uninstaller Pro remembers these changes so later you can completely uninstall that program, making sure nothing is left behind. This tool can remove any program without a trace.

  • Uninstall programs quickly and completely, with full disk and registry clean-up to remove leftovers. Way better than the standard Windows uninstaller!
  • Installation monitor. Examine all the items an application has installed on your PC, and make 101% sure all of them were removed.
  • Startup Manager - manages all Windows startup areas. Fully control what gets started when you turn on your PC.
  • Windows Services - control the services (background processes) that are run by Windows.
  • Quick Cleaner - erase the web browsing history and the history traces of over 200 programs. Don't let other people who use your computer find out which web sites you visit! Keep your secrets secret!
  • Start Menu Cleaner - fully clean-up your Start Menu, eliminate all the shortcuts that don't work anymore.
  • Start Menu Items Manager - show and hide start menu items, sort them alphabetically, etc.
  • Font Manager - manage the fonts on your computer, disable or uninstall the fonts you don't need.
  • Control Panel Manager - full control over the items in your Control Panel. Disable broken items, etc.
  • Duplicate Files - find and delete all your duplicate files, saving a lot of disk space!
  • Live File Compression - harness the powerful and safe file compression built into Windows. Compress rarely used files in such a way that you can still use them normally, but you save disk space.
  • File Shredder - completely overwrites and destroys the files you want to be destroyed, so nobody can recover them. Not the CIA and not your enemies!
  • Windows Temporary Files - recover lots of disk space by finding and deleting garbage files.
  • Full web browser management of cookies, history, add-ons, extensions, plugins, temporary cache files for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome - up to date for the latest versions!
  • Registry Cleaner - to remove errors and to make Windows lighter.
  • Registry Optimizer - help Windows and the programs run faster by speeding up registry accesses.
  • Registry Backup and Restore - to avoid disaster where the Windows Registry gets hosed.
  • Reports and information about almost anything on your computer.
  • A helpful Online User Community. Our users give safety ratings to programs and other items, comment on them, etc - so you can get recommendations about them!
  • Full integrated help - just press F1 to see complete, detailed information about each tool in the program.

What's New in Version 11.0 (See full changelog)

  • Advanced Uninstaller PRO got even better! Improved uninstaller clean-up. Full support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 beta. Major Advanced Uninstaller PRO user interface redesign. New tools for cleaning up web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.

Scanned & Checked: Aug 08 2012 08:36 AM

When we last updated Advanced Uninstaller Pro, we made sure it was still virus and malware free and the developer's site had no proven issues in any of the reputable site advisory services. In the unlikely event you notice any issues, please let us know immediately, otherwise we will schedule this software for another scan the next time it is updated.

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I like this program because it gets all parts of a program out of the computer.  It even cleans the register. In just a few stepts.  Erdogan
This is certainly a fully featured program.  Overall the installation covers 25+ different applications.  The only question I would have would be, "Is the program as effective at accomplishing the tasks included as features as other programs designed specifically to do so?"  I cannot say from my limited experience with the program, but I decided in the final analysis to uninstall the program.

For sure, the interface of Advanced Uninstaller is clean and easy to understand.  In spite of the fact that there are so many functions represented in the program, they are categorized thoughtfully and in a manner that makes it easy to understand exactly how the feature makes my system better.  This is a BIG thumbs up for this type of software to have such a clean, well constructed interface.  I could easily see how this could lead many to keep the program.  The developers that came up with this interface aren't likely to abandon this title.

I am most impressed in theory with the installation monitor.  I don't know if it works as I did not give it a try, but if so, it's the first program of its kind that I have run across.  The monitor actually keeps a log of the changes made to your system when a program is installed and then gives you the ability to undo the changes with the press of a button.  If it is as effective as the idea is breakthrough, this is a killer feature.

Overall, although I am not going to keep the program installed, I am going to keep the installer...with a little reminder note in the file title about the installation monitor.  I just can't see how this program can measure up to the ease of use I get from having stand alone apps set to run on a schedule.  However, I like the idea of having the installation monitor around, too, just in case I come across a program that I want to install that I think could be dangerous, etc...

I give the program 4 stars, but I could see how some might like it better.  I would like to hear more on the effectiveness of the various features.  That would take a serious comparison study in this case...
Just like to add a word of caution when using the uninstall feature in this program from the "Installed Programs" menu.  I noticed some of the icons in the interface came up with a red x, and I determined that these were missing programs.  I decided to go through the uninstall process for some of them, there were only 4 or 5, and to the credit of the author I was given a choice on what to remove.  However, I chose to remove some things that I thought were harmless, but the removal had the effect of breaking my MS Office installation.  I had no functionality whatsoever.  I tried reinstalling Office and was rebuked and was finally left to perform a system restore.  I went back a couple of days and that restore didn't work, so I tried another and good news for me it worked.  I depend heavily on Office, so that would have been bad news if I weren't able to get it running again.

I think AUP read correctly that the programs I was uninstalling that used the files/keys in question were not present.  Just a suspicion, but my best guess is that I removed a shared key from the registry.  I knew of the programs that the keys were associated with, and I had deleted those programs some time ago, so the shared key idea is all I can come up with to explain the problem.  I was essentially just trying to remove some old vestages of programs.  Office is back and all, but this was a little too close for me...

Just a cautionary note about removing anything based on the red xs in the "Installed Programs" menu...
I would have thought the red Xs might have been a clue FS. :)

Anyone interested in this software can read more HERE.
Jim, you are correct to say that I made a mistake.  But the AUI interface explicitly identifies WIC (Windows Installer) as an "invalid application" (red xs).  I didn't really want to get into the details in the previous post, but I researched WI before I removed it.  It was my choice to do so, knowing that there might be problems.  There are circumstances when it's worth a bit of a repair to me to find out what will happen if I follow instructions.  For me this was one of those circumstances.

This is a pretty good program, but to have tagged the Windows Installer as an "invalid program" was over the top IMO.  Still, it's all good.  I learned alot about that program and what the files in WI contain...and the repair was seamless.  No lost data, no lost programs.  I would honestly say this was the first fully seamless repair I've had using Windows.  I am taking the role of a normal every day user in saying so, although I know that full backups are the real solution to almost every system crash.

As for would I recommend the program...I would just say it's dangerous that the WI is tagged as an "invalid program".  It comes across that the author is trying to persuade users to remove WI and use his installer instead.  It might be better at removing programs, but there are features in WI that other programs use, and it's necessary to have it on board.

Good program but a little deceptive...and potentially dangerous.  This episode left me a little wary of trying the registy cleaner for sure.  Don't think I will.
I ask your forgiveness if this is not the appropriate website or forum to ask a question. I am not a program creator or reviewer even though I do use mostly all free software on my computer. This does look like a good spot to see what is new and might be of interest to me.

I am a subscriber to Dave's Computer Tips and I believe that I saw Advanced Uninstaller Pro10.6 reviewed there very recently. I put a Short Cut on my Desk to take a look at it later which I did.

I am an enthusiastic user of Revo Uninstaller and it has never once failed me. That leads to what advantage if any I would gain by going to Advanced Uninstaller Pro10.6.

Again. Please forgive me if this is not the website for someone like me to comment.

Would anyone be able to advise me as to how I can change my user name?


FutureShock, on 29 March 2012 - 06:24 AM, said:

I am most impressed in theory with the installation monitor.  I don't know if it works as I did not give it a try, but if so, it's the first program of its kind that I have run across.  
Try Comodo Program Manager and you will see is far better than this one,and its installation monitor is fully automatic.You just have to install whatever you want and at the end you'll see a pop-up from CPM.After that,you can uninstall the software completely.Awesome.
Thanks Joe.  I'll give it a go...

marko...this one is now gone Metro with version 11.0

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