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Freeware Download Lightning Image Resizer NEW! Lightning Image Resizer 1.1
**--- 2 people have download this so far

Lightning Image Resizer is an image file sizing application able to use an adjustable number of threads to process multiple image files. Multiple threads will normally shorten the time taken to process multiple files but the number of threads that can be efficiently run at one time, depends on the requirements and complexity of the function and the resources available. Lightning Image Resizer can be set to run a limited number of threads, an unlimited number of threads or to run a single th...
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ginsing's Photo Serif PhotoPlus 6.0 (Aug 31 2011 07:45 AM)
I have seen this program being used and it is very good
SSuite Office - Premium HD 1.1 (Aug 30 2011 09:18 AM)
This guy just keeps churning them out! Well done PCRacer
RarZilla Free Unrar 3.32 (Aug 25 2011 09:05 PM)
I have tried rarzilla Free unrar & it downloaded just fine and works fine on my Win7 home premium 64. Installation was smoo...
Bala7's Photo KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead OBT (Aug 24 2011 03:31 AM)
File Size: 1.7GB
Bala7's Photo Silkroad Online Legend VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter v.1.315 (Aug 24 2011 03:30 AM)
File Size: 1.7GB

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