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Changes in Calendar Magic 18.1

Version 18.1
  • Reminder Message Length - At the request of a user, increased the maximum length of reminder messages from 40 to 60.
  • Reminders by Month - If Reminders by Month is running, possibly minimised, and is currently showing today's reminders (if any) or the message "Today's date", then, when midnight occurs and a new day commences, the list of reminders will automatically be updated to those for the new day. If no reminders have been set for the new day, the usual "Today's date" message will be displayed. This behaviour, requested by a user, will continue day by day provided that Reminders by Month remains open.
  • Checks for Imminent Reminders - The checks for imminent reminders carried out "one second after midnight" have been discontinued, since systems may be sleeping at that time. Instead, such checks (and the provision of audio and visual warnings when reminders are imminent) are now performed, if Calendar Magic is running, as soon as Calendar Magic detects that the last such check was performed on the previous day or earlier. In addition, if any set reminder is imminent, an appropriate message box is displayed. This functionality is required by users who do not switch off their PCs and who keep Calendar Magic permanently running in the background.
  • Egyptian Fraction Calculator - Added an Egyptian Fraction Calculator (Maths Utilities > Egyptian Fraction Calculator) for converting fractions x/y to the ancient Egyptian form 1/ a + 1/ b + 1/ c + ... , for example 7/ 31 = 1/ 5 + 1/ 45 + 1/279.
  • Geometry Calculator - Added a button to the top left-hand corner of the Geometry Calculator screen for displaying the various 2D and 3D geometric objects diagrammatically.
  • Scientific Calculator - The tool-tip text associated with any memory button not only explains its use but also now indicates the value stored in that memory location. Added a button to the top left-hand corner of the Scientific Calculator screen for displaying related Help information.
  • Time Zone Changes - On December 30, 2011 Samoa switched from being 11 hours behind GMT to 13 hours ahead of GMT. American Samoa is unaffected by this change. The number of time zones in Kazakhstan has been reduced from 3 to 2 and the country no longer uses DST.
  • Imminent Reminders Visual Indicators - Fixed a minor bug in the display of visual indicators for imminent reminders.
  • Javanese Pawukon/Pasaran Calendar - Based on new input from Kaboel Karso, made a slight adjustment to the leap year rule for Java years 1747 to 1866 inclusive.
Version 18.0
  • Implemented a new routine (Calendars > Calendar Collector) for answering the question "Starting in any specified year, for how many years do I need to collect calendars to have a copy of all fourteen possible Gregorian year calendars?"
  • At the suggestion of a user, implemented a routine (Time > Revolutionary Time) for converting between normal and French Revolutionary time. The latter divides each day into 10 decimal hours, each decimal hour consisting of 100 decimal minutes and each decimal minute consisting of 100 decimal seconds.
  • Implemented a simple Interval Arithmetic Calculator (Maths Utilities > Interval Arithmetic Calculator) for performing arithmetic on approximate values which lie within specified ranges (intervals).
  • A user pointed out that, when Calendar Magic's main screen (form) is minimised, there is no longer any visual indicator for imminent reminders. This has been rectified by changing the Calendar Magic task bar icon to a red or orange diamond shape whenever the main screen is minimised, provided that the visual indicator on the main screen has not already been hidden.
  • Russian cities and towns are now on "permanent DST", i.e. clocks are no longer turned back one hour in late October. A few regions have also changed time zones.
  • Improved the coverage of Russian cities and towns by adding 160 additional Russian locations. Also added the Alaskan locations Barrow, Bethel, Kodiak and Kotzebue at the request of a user. The database now contains over 18500 locations.
  • Based on input from a Serbian user, the observed day information for Serbia has been significantly revised.
  • In the Javanese Pawukon/Pasaran Calendar, following additional information from a user in Yogyakarta, adjusted the code for calculating Windu values.
  • With regard to the World Athletics Championships, added the venues for 2015 and 2017 – Beijing and London respectively.
  • Updated the YAFU executables to V1.29.2.
Version 17.8
  • Countdown Timer: Implemented a simple Countdown Timer (Time > Countdown Timer) for counting down a specified time period, second by second, to zero. The countdown period may be specified in any one of the forms H:M:S, M:S or S, where H, M, S represent respectively hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Reminders: Following discussions with a user, "every year" reminder descriptions may now contain an optional year field of the form or , where YYYY represents a 4-digit year value. See the readme file for a detailed explanation of their use.
  • Sun And Moon Data: At the request of a user, the output now lists the local (location dependent) occurrences of blue moons for a period of 50 years from the year value in the input date. In this context, a blue moon is defined to be the second full moon in any (Gregorian) calendar month containing two full moons. Note that the local dates and times listed are unadjusted for DST, if any.
  • Currency Converter: Modified output in line with changes to the currencies monitored by the European Central Bank (ECB) – the Estonian kroon no longer exists and the Israeli shekel has been added. The daily ECB exchange rate data is also now downloaded in xml rather than zip format. As a result, the file unzip.exe is no longer required to be present in the folder in which Calendar Magic is installed.
  • Big Numbers Calculator: Speeded up the calculation of quotients x/y where x and y are integers, y contains fewer than 6 digits and more than 100000 digits are required in the fractional part of the result.
  • Days between Dates: At the request of a user, the date difference is now not only expressed in days but also in (a) years, months and days, and (b) months and days.
  • Observed Days: In the observed day information for England, corrected the date of St. George's Day. Normally St. George's Day falls on April 23 but, if this date lies between Palm Sunday and the Sunday after Easter inclusive, St. George's Day is moved to the Monday following Easter Monday. Thus, in 2011, St. George's Day falls officially on May 2 – a fact ignored by many diary makers and organisers of St. George's Day events.
  • Religious Festivals: In Christian religious festivals, corrected the date of St. George's Day as described above.
  • Gregorian Analysis: Improved the wording and layout of the output.
Version 17.7
  • Locations Database
  • Increased the number of cities and towns in Calendar Magic’s world-wide locations database from around 8000 to 18000.
  • Javanese Pawukon/Pasaran Calendar
  • At the request of a user, implemented the Javanese Pawukon/Pasaran calendar and added support for it in Dual Calendars, Month Calendars, Year Calendars, Calendar Comparison, New Year’s Days and This is Your Life. Dates may also be converted to and from the Javanese Pawukon/Pasaran calendar.
  • Current Date Display
  • Added a new check box Options > General > Show year in the display of the current date
  • Current Time Display
  • Added a new check box Options > General > Show 24-hour clock
  • Ease of Use Improvements
  • Reduced the number of occasions on which one has to re-press a Calculate button after choosing a new item from various drop-down lists.
  • Edit Reminders Find Capability
  • In Edit Reminders a find function is now available for finding occurrences of specified text strings. To initiate a new search, use the Ctrl+F key combination and input the text to be found. Use the “Find Next” button to run through the various occurrences. Alternatively, having found the first occurrence, exit the search form and press the F3 function key repeatedly.
  • Last File Backup Date
  • Added an item with this name to the Help menu. It returns the date on which important Calendar Magic files were last backed up using the File > Backup menu item.
  • Traditional Chinese Day Names
  • At the suggestion of an acupuncturist, when using Date Conversions to convert Gregorian dates, the traditional Chinese day name for the input date has been added to the generated output. This name is a combination of one of the 10 celestial stems with one of the 12 terrestrial branches, leading to a cycle of 60 day names.
  • World and European Athletics Championships
  • Updated venue location data for championships in years up to 2014. This data is used in the output generated by Date Conversions for Gregorian dates.
  • Currency Converter
  • To satisfy a user’s request, added a “Swap Currencies” button to interchange the two displayed currencies.
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Because of its length, the description of the Scientific Calculator has been moved to a separate file (Help > Scientific Calculator).
  • DST Updates
  • Added DST information for Morocco and Samoa in line with recent decisions in these countries.
  • URLs
  • Checked all URLs in the Help file and corrected a few which were out-of-date.
Version 17.6
No changes have been recorded in this version