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Simple but very effective program for trimming memory.  One click and it will trim on an adjustable schedule.  A litle bit brutal, but there is a theory behind the trimming.   This thing really trims.  This generates a bit of a problem with optimization/boost programs, because it trims them too.  The upgrade version is o...
Been using this program for years now (upgraded to Pro a while back and never regretted it).   Fine little program!
Thanks for the post JVD.  I might dive back into basic a little bit...
Just my speed. And it runs on Linux.
Emmabuntus 2 Emmabuntus 2
If you want tons and tons of apps on a DVD, and the simple XFCE desktop on the solid Ubuntu distro, you can't go wrong with this collection. It may not run on that 10 year old PC in the closet, but it won't hurt to try (Puppy would work for sure).
(REMOVED) LoseThos (REMOVED) LoseThos
Now superseded with TempleOS - http://www.freewareb...merly-losethos/
Web Cartoon Maker Web Cartoon Maker
They have a free online C++ book. Good stuff!   The cartoon maker...well, OK for learning C++.
JetBoost really goes after Windows services.  I recommend starting from the bare bones with the program just shutting down a service or two and then try a new process or service to see how the PC responds.  On startup I open Task Manager, then JetBoost, so that Task Manager shows up to be turned off.  I have all the other possible...
Artweaver Artweaver
This program looks as good as Paint.NET, but I haven't had a chance to work with it much.  There is a pay version which leads me to believe that there won't be the kind of plug-in or otherwise support of Paint.NET, however.   If anyone should come along who knows the program, I would like to hear your angle on the pay version and how t...
FBackup FBackup
For version 4.8 FBackup developers claimed 40% speed increase.  I got a 7 seconds improvement for an about 11:30 backup over version 4.4, which I used for over a year.   Good program for running straight "file to file" backups for important files and for Documents and Settings.  Nothing there for syching or imaging, but for simple...
Dr Web CureIt!
Thanks Marko, I think I need this one bad.....
Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Tweaking.com - Windows Repair
Thank you for this program. As an old Win XP user I am verygood at screwing up my setup and loosing files. I think this will be just what i need to get me out of all those self dug holes. Again, Thanks, EB.
Sekaiju Sekaiju
Which is better, Sekaiju or LMMS? Answer: depends on you, try them both. They cost the same! http://lmms.sourceforge.net/home.php
Runs on most Linux distros too, and integrates into the file browser. So if there's still a Windows PC somewhere in your life, you can share files with it easily.
LibreOffice LibreOffice
Version 4 is not such a big upgrade, so if you have older versions you can take your time upgrading.   I work in a small engineering office, among Microsoft Office users, and I run LO on LinuxMint (my PC used to run XP). Every now and then I will run into incompatibility issues, but normally I can open and edit presentations, spread sheets...
Norman Malware Cleaner Norman Malware Cleaner
Nice, I just ran this on a really bad infected PC and it did as promised. I give it a 4 out of 5.
Mozilla Seamonkey Mozilla Seamonkey
I use this just for the WYSIWYG html editor. I've tried other derivatives of the Mozilla code such as KompoZer and NVu (both dead in the water) and Blue Griffon (nice, but the best stuff you have to pay for). At least they are still developing it. It seems to work OK mostly, still has some quirks ... I run it on LinuxMint.
Rosegarden for Windows Rosegarden for Windows
This is a pretty impressive Garage Band type app. I use MuseScore but this is more versatile.   The Windows download is 30 MB. Apparently it doesn't have the sound output  that the Linux version has.
Acebyte Utilities Free
This is now updated to version 3.0.6 
Just Manager
Interesting but still not compelling enough to replace Q-Dir.
In addition to the above warning regarding OpenCandy, it would also appear that this program could force an install of Bit Torrent's own toolbar and add another start page to your browser (conduit search).   As far as I can see, no options to decline these installs were present.   Please take particular care with this install and...
Windows 8 Transformation Pack Windows 8 Transformation Pack
Follow up.  For XP W8TP works great for me.  Gives me an extra desktop.  It's usable now in conjunction with some other freeware for stand by.  It overrides MS' automatic stand by.  Recommend SmartPower... Bugs-   -Hotkeys option makes the keyboard useless for typing -Automatic stand by won't work in XP while the st...
SmartPower SmartPower
This is the answer for me.  I have a program that I must have running while the PC is in use that overrides automatic system stand by, so I was stuck.  It was either no automatic stand by, which wouldn't have worked for this PC, or move the mouse once every 5 minutes to stave off one of the set and forget stand by freewares.  Even...
MPEG Streamclip
The Beta version doesn't open anything after several attempts with a variety of videos.   Message...File open error : can't open the file
Cute cool.  Don't expect much, but it's always thumbs up to a developer who takes the time to develop something a little different.  I'll just say it's sort of like that old game Rebound.  The pucks slide in the wrong direction sometimes, though.  Fun for a once through, but again, as always, thanks to the developer for a dif...
MPEG Streamclip
Fixed John
MPEG Streamclip
This download link is not working
LicenseCrawler LicenseCrawler
A whole lot of nagging going on, just to get a lot of registry entries for serials most of which aren't identified with the relevant application. YMMV.
Marko,Just a heads up. Apparently Zeusoft is no longer. When I attempted to download ZeuAPP, I received a "404 Not Found" error.Ray
Cok Free Auto Clicker Cok Free Auto Clicker
Unfortunate name for the developers.
(REMOVED) Color Archiver
Thanks marco for your comment and your standing towards bad practices from some people. I am too 100% against any such bad practice. Probably i will be better buying my own domain name and move to some reputed hosting...i doubt any one will be free like 0fees as well reputed.. If you know any reputed free hosting then i will request to share.. T...
(REMOVED) Color Archiver
Ranjan, 0fees.net are certainly not marked clean by a long shot - user ratings still show this site as negative and deservedly so if I'm honest.  If someone wishes to create a site/domain and then not take care of it to the extent that users begin reporting it as malicious/bad/virused/etc then as far as I'm concerned they deser...
(REMOVED) Color Archiver
It is a tough and strange issue... Domain black listing. The main issue here is that this list is dynamic in nature and a domain black listed few days back are no longer black listed. Same is true with 0fees.net. This domain is now marked clean on both siteadvisor.com and malwardomainlist.com.  mywot.com review are based on malwaredoma...
Soundfont Midi Player Soundfont Midi Player
Handy little MIDI player with tiny footprint, plenty of options and the playlist is very useful.
Excellent, full-featured Post-It app with many useful options including password and account protection. Plays nice with WindowBlinds too. 5*
Google Chrome Google Chrome
I used to love Chrome but recently it simply is not as fast as it used to be, like most browsers the creaters think they have to keep adding more and more bells and whistles to improve their ranking, looks like Chrome is going that way which is a shame as it keeps getting slower. I now use either Opera or IE. Opera is by far the fastest browser...
VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)
If there's a difference between FLAC playback in VLC and Foobar I can't hear enough to worry; YMMV. Anyway VLC is most useful for the video functions like subtitle delay from the keyboard, etc., and the interface for such a comprehensive, FREE app is excellent. Hey NorCalDaddio, try listening to some happy music:)
Just sing 1.0
It's a very basic recording interface.It's quick, and it works, though you can't monitor while recording. Big but: you get a nag screen every time you save a sample, which is really quite annoying, and counter-productive if they're after donations. Installation also asks to install a couple of toolbars so you have to click 'D...
WhoCrashed WhoCrashed
Just would say it's helped me to have this around...unfortunately too many times.  I've tried this and BlueScreenView, and they are both good, so I keep both.  There is a little bit of a difference in what and how the blue screen information is presented.  Slight advantage to BlueScreenView for the presentat...
Freehand Painter
Thanks Blogwrad. This sound a little more complicated then what I was looking for. I'll keep looking. :-) Don't understand your reply.
Holdkey Holdkey
@old perv - That's just a basic issue caused by different applications sharing the same hotkeys, all you need do is CHANGE the hotkey combinations in Holdkey, or the other applications.
Freehand Painter
Thanks Blogwrad. This sound a little more complicated then what I was looking for. I'll keep looking. :-)
Holdkey Holdkey
BEWARE! My experience with this application is that it interferes with the Windows Snipping tool as well as the HotKey feature in PowerPro ( powerpro.webeddie.com/) and makes them unable to function correctly. Not recommended for this reason.
Freehand Painter
I like this; the interface is very simple and intuitive, and it's useful to have a quick way of creating vector graphics - well, graphics in a vector environment, anyway. Standard Windows copy and paste works within the program using the selection marquee, and you can select any colour from the standard Windows palette dialog as well as the...
Freehand Painter
Hi everyone, I see there has been 6 downloads for this program and would like to know your opion on it.Thanks in advance
Toribash Toribash
Wow, how addicting is this game? Downloaded it and played 8 hours straight. Literally up all night learning and playing it lol. It's on version 4.1 now though .
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes is one of the very best at what it does. No bells and whistles, just catching and removing malware.
(REMOVED) Pinnacle VideoSpin (REMOVED) Pinnacle VideoSpin
.... and just like clockwork - when it appears to be too good to be true, it usually is - it would appear that this program is now no longer available and instead "trial" versions are available for similar products on the developers website.   Happy days for the unscrupulous developers again, and another one in the gut for us f...
Puran Utilities Puran Utilities
I really like this software, especially the Duplicate File and Empty Folder finders and the Service Manager. Most of all, this software is very easy and the Maintenance Wizard makes is safe for even beginners to use. 5 out of 5 stars for me.
SlimCleaner SlimCleaner
Looking good to me, very comprehensive, and I like the software rating system.
SlimCleaner SlimCleaner
Yes... plus a duplicate file finder, SSD optimization tool, software updater, and... a MUCH larger download. Seems to me that this [once] excellent free program is in serious danger of becoming bloatware. I'm all for improvements but they'd be better served sticking with the basic premise, what the software was primarily designed for in...
SlimCleaner SlimCleaner
This has been updated to version 4.0 and this new version includes disk defrag - optimizer. This software just keeps getting better and better.
(REMOVED) EasyEmail Notifier (REMOVED) EasyEmail Notifier
Sorry to see this one go marko.  It has real potential, but I guess it was like they couldn't make up their mind whether it was freeware or not.  I never did quite determine what to make of it, but I will say it drove me to Office 2007, which is better than what I had with just internet mail...
(REMOVED) EasyEmail Notifier (REMOVED) EasyEmail Notifier
Removed our support after we found issue's and complications with this software being "freeware".
Holdkey Holdkey
Well thought out reply bolgwrad, a couple of valid points too. I must admit, it does seem a tad strange that the developer did not include ALL the data in the program's own database, especially considering there's not much of it. Cheers.
Holdkey Holdkey
@Jim: 1. It doesn't ask. Not uncommon, but impolite and thoughtless. 2. I might be using a mobile dongle or phone with limited data allowance, in which case it cculd cost me. 4. I might temporarily have no internet connection. Great! A windows error message, when all I want is Ø! 5. If I have to open my browser to find a spec...
Holdkey Holdkey
Why do you not like Holdkey connecting to its web page bolgwrad? There are not too many programs around which do not phone home for one reason or another. I've lost count of the number of applications which maintain help files online and connect to a web page when the user clicks on the 'Help' menu item. If the connection is harmless...
Simple Notes Simple Notes
Tiny footprint, simple interface, just enough functions so I'll keep it - but COMIC SANS? Come on!
Holdkey Holdkey
What I absolutely don't like is the way Holdkey connects to their web page if you click on the 'More' option on the selection bar. I use Extra Keys, with a link on the Start Menu - http://www.freewareb...316-extra-keys/
Holdkey Holdkey
Extremely useful for those needing quick access to characters to enhance the written words in a very simplistic way. On a job application, resumé looks more professional, in a recipe, a crèpe is rather suavè.
Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials
Got put onto this by FBB a year or few ago, and like any antivirus it isn't the total solution, but MSSE seems to mark the point where Microsoft started doing more things right than wrong:)
Desktop Movie Desktop Movie
Must be nice to be a programmer!  Hope I am ever able to get down to business when it comes to programming...
ffDiaporama ffDiaporama
This is great - early stages perhaps - it'd be nice to be able to select sections of video, but the interface is really intuitive. If you wanted to interlace clips you could crop them in virtualdub or whatever first. Five stars for the interface design, four for the functionality, but anyway I tend to avoid using the usual suspect applicatio...
Bible Explorer Bible Explorer
campart...thanks for the heads up.  Sounds like almost the identical thing as Bible Explorer.  I just realized I didn't mention that there are pay reference materials available for BE.  Most of the books, pay and free, are books that can be found in a normal Chrisitan book store.  Also, there are numer...
Bible Explorer Bible Explorer
Hello FS, have you also tried e-Sword? This is a very fine piece of software with an extensive range of free Bibles (in several languages) in addition to paid downloads from commercial publishers. Search feature is effective also. GUI is slightly dull but this is a serious Bible study tool and it is the content and cross-referencing that are the...
Desktop Movie Desktop Movie
Hi ! Thanks for your kind words. Yeah,the story behind most of the programs is I couldn't find a free solution to a specific problem, so I had to code it myself. And I can't write a better file manager than Total Commander, or a better general purpose media player than Winamp, so I don't even try it.
Desktop Movie Desktop Movie
Hey Falco...thanks for the tip.  Yes, I like that set up very much. Nice work with this one and your others, too.  You seem to have gone off into a direction I haven't seen much of from freeware/software with very pointed applications that enable a user to perform one specific task that he or she couldn't have otherw...
Desktop Movie Desktop Movie
Hi !If you like cool effects, you can try this.The exact color RGB 16,0,16 is always fully transparent in any window while desktop movie runs. So you can set a windows color scheme where you set eg. window color to this color, save this color scheme, and apply when you need this. an example:http://falcosoft.tk/dm_transp.jpgNice idea. ...
Desktop Movie Desktop Movie
Nice idea.  I have this with the TV tuner on my PC.  Very cool effect...
DomainHostingView DomainHostingView
I think so too Royce, but unfortunately, people have a habit of coming back to us explaining we didn't warn them about the possibility of potential viruses and could easily claim us because of it - so I have to put in a disclaimer - I also chose to place ads on the disclaimer page to help recoup our costs
DomainHostingView DomainHostingView
G'day, I am just wondering as to why the multiple clicks to download a file.  To my thinking, there is one too many. Royce
(REMOVED) Shock Snap 1.71 (REMOVED) Shock Snap 1.71
SUPERAntiSpyware reporting Trojan.Agent/Gen-Sisproc
(REMOVED) PicCrypt (REMOVED) PicCrypt
SUPERAntiSpyware reporting Trojan.Agent/Gen-Cryptor
(REMOVED) mp3DirectCut (REMOVED) mp3DirectCut
SUPERAntiSpyware reporting Trojan.Agent/Gen-Small
(REMOVED) FolderDrive (REMOVED) FolderDrive
SUPERAntiSpyware reporting Trojan.Agent/Gen-Downloader
Puran Utilities Puran Utilities
I been using this from the minute it came out and found it to be one of the best freewares I have come across. Totally useful in every way.
(REMOVED) Vistapack-XP (REMOVED) Vistapack-XP
Multiple virus alerts:https://www.virustot...5f9ec/analysis/
(REMOVED) USB Defender (REMOVED) USB Defender
Multiple virus alerts:https://www.virustot...sis/1346784527/
(REMOVED) Tiny USB Office (REMOVED) Tiny USB Office
Multiple virus alerts: https://www.virustot...72bf1/analysis/
Multiple virus alerts - https://www.virustot...sis/1346784119/
7 Sticky Notes 7 Sticky Notes
Great piece of free software, well coded, a labour of love for the developer I suspect! 10 out of 10.
Pale Moon Pale Moon
Pale Moon now at version 15.0
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Getting better, much faster than the most recent releases. Nice smooth feel to it. A definite improvement.
Free Audio Editor 2010 v6.9.1 Free Audio Editor 2010 v6.9.1
Just tried to use this to crop an MP3 and the free version only supports WAV export. No awards from me then.
Volume2 Volume2
Grinning to see that I'm not the first here to try this program.  Tested it for a friend, but I might keep it.  bolgwrad, you said much of it for me.  I would just add...this is good.  There is some serious meat to this volume control (now if I can just find a system wide equalizeer!).  I...
Wise Doc Manager 1.54 Wise Doc Manager 1.54
This program is no longer available!!!
My Diet Diary My Diet Diary
Hi Bolswrad, thanks for the comment, have now put it on the notes/requirements. We do put this on the 'pad' file when we submit the software to websites but depending on the websites set up it does not always get pulled through. Anyway its there now and thanks again, Bryan
The GodFather The GodFather
'The Godfather' is the mother of all music management applications. When I first scanned my music drive (9975 files, not so many I guess) it took a while. What you get is a database of all your music and all its tags, editable and configurable any way you want. Fantastic, and the UI is masterpiece of clear design with no unnecessary fril...
My Diet Diary My Diet Diary
When you run 'setup.exe', this program asks to connect to the internet to download further Microsoft components. Nothing wrong with that but some of those currently on mobile dongle contracts would prefer to know this in advance.
Audacity Audacity
Try Ocenaudio as an alternative.  http://www.ocenaudio.com.br/ P.s. Audacity works natively in Linux.
(REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0 (REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0
Hi Marko,Thanks for the reply. Since I've been using FTP Commander for over 10 years on all my systems with no problem, I hadn't run it through the various virus checkers recently.  I run everything through them now. It did surprise me that it failed.One thing I've noticed, whether it's Virus Total or Jotty (or any chec...
(REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0 (REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0
Hi Joe, I'm not really convinced this is either the same program or entirely reputable either to be honest, it goes to a different domain from the one we have listed and scans as suspicious in TotalVirus: https://www.virustot...sis/1345888958/
(REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0 (REMOVED) FTP Commander v8.0
Hi Marko,Thanks for looking into it. I'm not sure what area you were in, they have different areas and not very good navigation on their site.  Here's a link to their free download page, you'll find the free version available third down from the top, it's marked free for personal use.  No registration necessar...
dmFileNote dmFileNote
Um, you can only operate on one file at a time, and then whatever you do, the app exits completely, forgetting the location you were in. And an 'index.txt' file in every folder you use filenote in? No thanks, had that with 'thumbs.db'. A good idea, and thanks for the freeware, but the implementation needs a bit more thought from...
PixBuilder Studio PixBuilder Studio
For my needs, having used others of this genre including PhotoShop, I consider this one of the better PS clones out there.  Quick, easy edits and a familiar layout.  A keeper to say the least.
QQ Player QQ Player
It's very, very Chinese. You get the icons and font they tell you to have, so if you've got a strong desktop theme, tough; except see below. There are quite a few options and utilities tucked away neatly, and a comprehensive file association control panel. I usually have problems playing Real Audio (*.RAM, *.RA) files so it was nice to s...
(REMOVED) Weather Watcher Live 6.0.34 (REMOVED) Weather Watcher Live 6.0.34
Yep, appears this is no longer freeware - removing our support for this download.
(REMOVED) Weather Watcher Live 6.0.34 (REMOVED) Weather Watcher Live 6.0.34
This doesn't seem to be free anymore (30 day trialware), but has a free Add-on for Firefox and Chrome: Weather Watcher Live
ActivePresenter ActivePresenter
Top notch screen recorder. The best of the free bunch by a long way. Read more in the review.
TweakNow RegCleaner TweakNow RegCleaner
Excellent program, does everything you would expect from it, and does it fast.