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Full Version: Shopatron Scam
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I know it's not exactly anything to do with feedback or suggestions but I wanted to make this post here to warn both members and guest's of a current issue that many of us could face with a company called Shopatron so decided the best place to put it was here!.

OK, here's the story ... on 8th May 2008 my 14 year old son wanted to order a SPARCO T-shirt and did so through this company called Shopatron and I used my debit card for the transaction. From the date of order to the date of cancellation which was 18th September 2008 no contact from this company was received.

On cancelling the order, it was confirmed that the order of $20 was cancelled and NOT the original amount of $20 + $20 postage & handling. I now see from their "FAQ" that "postage and handling" is non refundable. So, for having done absolutely nothing this company are up to the tune of $20. Having said that, despite 3 WEEKS having now passed, I have yet to receive even the $20 for the T-shirt!.

I have emailed them numerous times although received no reply. SparcoUSA who were the supplier have also failed to respond to my emails therefore I wanted to warn others. How hard is it to actually set up a store, charge $20 shipping and handling, receive orders and not fulfil them and simply return the persons money LESS the shipping and handling? Happy days for the site owner I reckon!!!

However, as FreewareBB is heavily indexed and crawled on a regular basis by all the search engines and we receive thousands of hits each week I thought it only fair to give Shopatron the publicity they deserved - don't say I didn't warn you

and here's a few keywords just in case the search engines are hungry ....

shopatron,ecommerce,in store pickup,local pickup
I checked their website and it looks totally above board - is surprising if they are a scam!
If they're not a scam then they are a company not worth dealing with to be honest - I've never dealt with a company as unprofessional as these ever!. I can't imagine any other company expecting a customer to wait 4 months for an item and not even keep them updated on the order progress and then 3 weeks after cancelling we still don't have a refund! That, together with the fact that they state "shipping and handling" isn't refundable is a mere joke as far as I'm concerned and everything about them screams fake, joke, scam and untrustworthy.
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