First of all, thanks for stopping by FreewareBB.

Please let me assure you that FreewareBB is unlike most other freeware sites for many reasons, the first is simply due to the fact that we are a forum (or as our name says a "Bulletin Board") and as such we are more of a community than just a web site. Our members will be responsible for most of the content you find here and when they submit a new freeware download the chances are they have already tried it out and found it to be useful!. You are free to register and gain access to our downloads instantly without any other requirements, and there are no limitations on what you can or cannot access - all members who register and validate their accounts have full access to the board and it's content.

Our board is also completely free from annoying pop-up's, intrusive advertisements and misleading links which trick you into clicking on sponsors of the site. We display a few advertisements on our site and only ask you check out those ads if our site has been of use to you as this generates at least some income for our board.

When you first enter our board as a member, you will see the "support forums" which contain details of all the downloads we have available and within the support forums you are able to provide feedback or other comments of your choice if you should so wish. Furthermore, if you are in need of assistance you can easily contact a member of staff by using the "My Assistant" link on our sub-menu at the top-right of our board and choose "Moderating Team" then hit the "PM" button beside your chosen contact and give details of your query which will then let that person know about your problem.

If you are interested in posting freeware that you have found useful please see our comprehensive guide HERE.