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File Name: CMS Made Simple 1.2.3
File Submitter: marko
File Submitted: 13 Jan 2008
File Category: CMS, Web Servers, PHP Sites & Forums
Will Run On: See Requirements

To get a site up with CMS Made Simple is just that, simple. For those with more advanced ambitions there are plenty of addons to download. And there is an excellent community always at your service. No question is too stupid to be asked!

It's very easy to add content and addons wherever you want them to appear on the site. Design your website in whatever way or style you want and just load it into CMSMS to get it in the air. Easy as that!

SEO Friendly URLs
Integrated and online help
Modular and extensible
Easy user and group management
Group-based permission system

Picture Album

Accessibility WAI, WCAG, Section 508
XHTML and CSS compliant
Autogenerated menu
Every page can have different theme
Design protected from content editors

GPL'ed source code
Rich module API for unlimited expandability
Full API documentation
Events system
Database abstraction

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