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Full Version: Burn DVD in 16:9 aspect ratio using Windows DVD Maker.
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James (Jim) Hillier
This is just for all you lucky Vista users who will have ?Windows DVD Maker? on board:

I?ve recently been trying to burn some AVI videos to DVD for viewing on my nice plasma widescreen T.V. The burning part was a cinch using ?Windows DVD Maker? but, no matter what I tried, I could not get it to use the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

There are only a limited number of configurations available in DVD Maker, one of which is ?Aspect Ratio? where you can select either 4:3 or 16:9. Enabling (disabling, re-enabling, etc, etc) the 16:9 option made no difference at all and I ended up with everything in 4:3. This is obviously a flaw within the program, apparently DVD Maker ignores selection of the 16:9 option and continues to burn in the default 4:3 aspect.

Now, I would love to take credit for this solution and suggest it was the result of my superior intellect but the truth is, after scratching around aimlessly for half an hour or more with no idea of where to go next, I finally decided to search for answers on the net. I located the following, posted by an unknown user whose intellect is obviously of a superior nature (or, at least, way superior to my own)?..Kudos to him/her, it worked a treat:

1) Open Windows Movie Maker?yes, Windows Movie Maker not Windows DVD Maker.
2) Import the video. In the Tasks Panel (on the left) under Import, click on the Videos button. Browse to the location (where the video is saved), highlight it and click on the Import Button.
3) Drag and drop the Video into the first space in the Storyline.
4) Go to Tools/Options and select the Advanced tab.
5) Under Video properties/Aspect Ratio, select the 16:9 option and click OK.
6) Back to the Tasks panel, under Publish to, select DVD.

At this point a message will pop up telling you ?Windows Movie Maker will save and close your project, and then open Windows DVD maker?. Click OK, choose the save location for the .MSWMM file and then click on the Save button. Now Windows DVD Maker will open up and automatically import the file. Click on the Options link, make sure the 16:9 aspect ratio is selected here also, click OK and then proceed as per normal.

N.B. After step number 5 you can preview the result, via Windows Movie Maker?s inbuilt player, prior to publishing.
Well done on that find Jim, not being a Vista user myself I won't have this option but I'm sure many others will find that info invaluable
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