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Toolwiz Time Freeze
Yes Minimal, only one background process running. No big shocks, hardly know its running. TTF stores a copy of your current state in a 4.5 GB folder so you do need a little hard disk space. Any CPU within the past 10 years is sufficient. No special Ram requirement. test Toolwiz Time Freeze current version 1.6.0 you will be pleasantly surpri...
Toolwiz Time Freeze
Fair to say this is a full time real time sandbox environment? Curious to know how the program is on system resources too... Not sure I understand the empowerment the software provides. I should try it before asking stupid questions, but this one sounds like a pretty big change/shock to the system, and I'd like to know what exactly I am e...
A must have. Now updated to version 6.75
Toolwiz Time Freeze
Reviewed ver: Sorry for the time lapse, I've been very busy... Toolwiz Time Freeze works on all modern versions of windows from WinXP right through Win8 Dev both x86 and x64. Toolwiz Time Freeze is astonishingly easy to use. I trained an 11 year old in 5 minutes with no complications. TTF offers a surprising level of protection in su...
Thanks bud..what the heck,right?
I'm running 64-Bit so can't really say either way, I'm sure it won't do any harm to install and try - maybe compare it against your current install of FF
First i've heard of this. I have 32 bit so could i still run this and would it be better than a 32 bit Firefox? Their homepage doesn't really have that much info so i'm hoping maybe someone has used this and can share.
Unfortunately, it's mostly to do with monetizing which often means a raw deal for the freeware user
This link may provide an answer http://www.facebook.com/tapinradio/posts/331811026836709 It seems V1.5 was replaced by V1.51 within a day !
I checked also, can't find v1.50 anywhere myself although from my travels I note that there is a lot of objection to v1.50 and above because it now comes with additional toolbars packaged, Sweet IM in fact, which we really do not like at all. Unfortunately, the version that downloads from our download link is basically the latest version and...
Crikey, I'll say. Installer package is actually 43.4MB. Portable (zip) 53.4MB.
Updated Jimbo, file sizes are out of whack though !
Marko - Where's the portable version?
Online Armor Free Firewall Online Armor Free Firewall
i like it so far
Hi Marko! Would it be possible to find version 1.50 ? Been looking «everywhere» & I mean EVERYWHERE, can not find it! Version 1.50 is the last truly FREE one, w all the the features enabled and the ability to update the database. After that, there is a free & paid version ($15) These are the features disabled...
Ubiquitous Player
UP is a fine multimedia viewer - you can play music and view pictures at the same time which is good. The file manager is fast and comprehensive, and most unsupported files open in their native viewer on double-click. What I'd like to see is much more choice of themes - you only get white on black or white on various dark colours, and the la...
Fast, has tabs and it catches your clipboard automatically. I also love the customizing which i can tweak to suit my needs but a bit more wouldn't hurt. After trying numerous notepads, i have settled with this one because i needed something light on resources and has what i need. I would recommend this if you need a good notepad replaceme...
TED Notepad TED Notepad
A very light and fast notepad replacement with alot of features that windows left off. I just wish it had tabs so i can have more than one open document without having more than one instance. Other than that personal beef, i'm happy with it!
Jeffrey, I've never used it myself but according to the developers site this firewall is an additional layer of protection which works with Windows 32/64 bit computers - see this link for more feature details: http://www.privacyware.com/personal_firewall_features.html
I have MS firewall, would this inhance my protection?
I've been using v1 for a month now and i love it! Fast and i don't see any mistaken entries so far.
My Daily Space Wallpaper
Pretty cool! I can click as much as i want if i don't like a wall and it can save a copy once you download it. Option to start with windows and whether you want hd walls or not. It is very small and very light on memory. I just wish they had more walls!
Lightworks Lightworks
Very Good download speed.Thank!
Wise Disk Cleaner
I am not impressed with this software, it's pretty basic. On par with CCleaner for performance but zero optimization, zero registry cleaning, zero extra tools. There are definitely much better alternatives around. In fact, I've just recently completed testing this software and shall be submitting a full review shortly.
Ainvo Antivirus
The Ainvo Group (publisher of this software) is based in Russia and they produce a wide range of freeware. There is an old thread on Wilders regarding the AV but info is limited and likely out-of-date now anyway. I could not locate any editorial or user reviews at all which, not surprisingly, tends to suggest the software is not widely used.
Ainvo Antivirus
Having never used this AV, I'm not entirely sure how popular it may be, but it will undoubtedly be there own creation - I'm sure we would have heard about copyright issues before now if it wasn't
K9 Web Protection (Child Intern...
i have used it for a while and is a top noch free stuff . i believe ZoneAlarm used it for quite some time as their Internet Security parental Control .
Ainvo Antivirus
i do not know how popular this piece of Antivirus software is but i have a question. Is this a rebrand of another vendor or a home made engine
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Cannot believe the difference between v9 and v10 on my machine - v10 is MUCH faster. Mozilla you are now getting somewhere!!!!
Midi Player Tool
Needs Java runtime, but actually has a few good useful functions like the pitch trainer and metronome, and the interface is pretty comprehensive in allowing you to choose any MIDI output available. If like me you're a songwriter, it's good to have another tool for auditioning different sounds. 4****
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
10 Final is a massive update. This is the Fox we've all been waiting for. Finally, the extension/plug-in model is updated to reflect Firefox's fast-track updates. No more "your extensions are not compatible with this version." {in my testing, the new plugin model is only partially fixed.} Firefox now claims boldly the memory is...
(REMOVED) Digital Lifeboat
I downloaded Digital Lifeboat back when it was in beta. The hook was if one came in on beta, they would have free use forever. I found a similar problem when I first activated it, in that I thought I could select files I wanted to back up before the backup. No go, Digital Lifeboat backed up all my files. Also, I found out that how they work it,...
EULAlyzer 2.0
I've used and forgotten about this handy tool. I'd recommend it
Desktop Slider
The effect of Desktop Slider is that if you (configurable) middle-click and drag over a window, the window moves while the mouse stays still. Takes a bit of getting used to. I suppose if you have lots of open windows, it's a way of paging through them, but you still have to click and drag so DS doesn't reduce the need for mousage or add...
Money Manager Ex
I've used Money Manager Ex for 1 year. I used a spreadsheet before that. I really can't compare it to anything since it is the only one I have used. I do like it for keeping running summaries on my expenses. It is not the most intuitive program I've ever used but it not that difficult. The help file was corrupted so I couldn't us...
A scenario here. Could Oracle be using the project to develop a for pay software? If so could this be a positive overall for freeware, especially office suites? Many years ago I had an eMachines machine that came stock with an Office Suite of programs by Sun. It was so much different in terminology than the Works and Office programs from MS...
Opera Opera
Seems Bala doesn't like Opera..lol It's had some issues in the past but i always liked it's speed and some features so i'm gonna try this ver and see what happens
Soluto Beta
I like this program but it seems like they are stuck in beta land..lost! I've not run into any probs per se but quite a few programs registered a unknown at this time deal and i had to then either make a best guess or see what everyone else did when deciding whether to delay or remove. Hopefully they can get that solved soon and get out...
(REMOVED) Digital Lifeboat
Support for this file has been removed - installing and using this software enables only a FREE 30 DAY ACCOUNT with the developers website, after which time payment is required and it's therefore NOT freeware.
Comodo Dragon
Can't say I've noticed this any heavier on memory than any other browser
Comodo Dragon
I tried this some months ago and found it heavy on memory. Anyone else tried this?
PDF24 PDF Creator
PDF24 is the pdf printer that I use. Whether I am online or off, when I hit Control-P, I choose the PDF24. Before printing I can review it then save it. It has the option to make it secure and to change a number of settings. I have merged files, rearranged files, removed a page, etc and never have had difficulty. I can also bring it up from the...
EssentialPIM Free Edition
I've used the free edition for a number of years. I use it primarily for keeping notes. I use both the install version and portable, so I can have it at home and office. I write study guides in nursing/medical fields. I have two files for instance that are 28M and 54Mb (obviously a lot of writing). I have found it to be faithful and never me...
ZoneAlarm Uninstall
I did too! When it first came out, it was pretty darn good! I wouldn't pee on it if it were on fire now..
(REMOVED) Digital Lifeboat
I'm suspending this file based on your findings SP and will investigate and act accordingly - thanks for taking the time on this one
(REMOVED) Digital Lifeboat
I did a search and everything seemed legitimate. I downloaded the app and installed it without any problem. It immediately began to scan my computer without letting me choose what folders and users I wanted scanned. After a short time, the scan stopped and a browser window appeared with the announcement that my computer was over 10 G and I neede...
ZoneAlarm Uninstall
Wouldn't argue with you there Gremlinn ... I can't believe I used ZA religiously prior to all the security issues !!
ZoneAlarm Uninstall
Haven't used ZA in yrs..ever since i found out they secretly spy on you, but if you have, i'd prob use this to make sure i got rid of this horrendous program.
Volume2 Volume2
Thanks for this excellent app - I've been using Nirsoft Volumouse, but what Volume2 offers above all is middle-button mute. As above, it opens in Russian but there is plenty of language support, as well as a wide range of skin choices - the OSX one is perfect for me, though most are a bit comic-fanboy. As far as memory usage goes, Task Manag...
Absolute image forge
jjj - Downloaded and installed the software myself, so I would have first hand experience. Can see nothing wrong with this software. I'm happy to discuss this with you further but, if you wish to continue and expand discussions, please start a new related topic in the forums. Thanks...Jim
Absolute image forge
Hello James, Yes. It's obvious that no rating shouldn't be interpreted as negative, but neutral. Thank you.
Absolute image forge
Again I will have to question this software and its inclusion in this site. If anyone has received those yellow envelopes in the mail containing heaps of groupons , some useful, but most junk , well this is the online equivalent.
Absolute image forge
Thanks for dropping by George, and confirming what we already suspected. Your negative rating from WOT, without any substantiating evidence at all, is one the worst aspects of these site advisory services. We have just recently taken WOT to task over this very matter and the damage they can cause to site's and/or software's reputation by...
(REMOVED) Pixcavator 2.0
No longer freeware
Absolute image forge
Hello, George here, the soft's designer. A warm thank you for defending it. Look, I spend hours to developing these 100% clean and useful freewares. There are no affiliate links inside, no string attached. I don't even collect email addresses, as they are offered a direct download way. Who wants more? To me, people who spit on valuabl...
I've been using this for months now and i like it better than winamp!
Alpha 2 Player
Sounds like good features but after a visit to their site, i found that the free ver will display messages from them after some time to get you to purchase so IDK about if i want to keep. Will have to try to see how well i like it lol
PotPlayer PotPlayer
I'm impressed! It plays much faster than vlc, sounded much clearer and louder. I now replaced my vlc with this gem!
Absolute image forge
I haven't tested this software but it appears to provide a front end for a large number of online apps - mostly relating to images. I can see no harm in that, in fact I think it is a pretty good idea - on the proviso that all sites it links to are ethical and safe, and rated accordingly by leading site advisory services. At this stage I can...
Absolute image forge
Seems a bit suspect to me --- like Amway's gone into software!
Absolute image forge
I can tell you right now the negative rating is wrong,,this software does exactly what is says.
Daemon Tools Lite Daemon Tools Lite
It's 4.45.2 now with SPTD 1.80
Absolute image forge
This is one of the examples where it's rated negatively in WOT but without any comments having being left or any obvious reason for the bad rating. Normally, we ignore this type of rating when it's obvious only one or two people have rated it because the rating can't be trusted in our opinion
System Explorer System Explorer
I've been using this prog for a few months now (older ver ) and i've even used it to replace my standard msconfig. Love it!
Toolwiz Care
I've had this before i came here and it's VERY good!
Absolute image forge
I ran it in a sandbox and it seems to be a very cool prog. So far so good.
Absolute image forge
WOT reporting the author's site with a bad reputation
Volume2 Volume2
On first run,it started in russian but a little search and i easily changed to english. Not sure if i would use as a replacement as it uses extra memory
Toolwiz Care
I just updated,,REAL NICE !!!!
Toolwiz Care
Now at version
(REMOVED) F Notepad
This site is now malicious, removed.
Best i've found for nfo viewing imho
McAfee AVERT Stinger
This is the only program that I ran and cleaned files that saved a friends computer. I keep it saved on all my machines. 5-stars!!!! Just press the button and it does the rest!!!!
Device Doctor
Contains an option to install a TooBar.Told me I needed a driver update on adriver I just updated. 3-stars.
(REMOVED) JavaScript Photo Gall...
No longer freeware
(REMOVED) Alpha Clipboard
This title has been removed - please read on for details why ... https://freewarebb.com/topic/85994-same-app-under-different-names-spam-deceit-or-just-daft/
(REMOVED) Ace Clipboard
This title has been removed - please read on for details why ... https://freewarebb.com/topic/85994-same-app-under-different-names-spam-deceit-or-just-daft/
(REMOVED) A to Z Clipboard
This title has been removed - please read on for details why ... https://freewarebb.com/topic/85994-same-app-under-different-names-spam-deceit-or-just-daft/
(REMOVED) 1st Choice Clipboard
This title has been removed - please read on for details why ... https://freewarebb.com/topic/85994-same-app-under-different-names-spam-deceit-or-just-daft/
Aloaha PDF Suite
There are multiple versions available, free, standard, etc - this version is the free version which has some functionality removed although it could still prove useful to some
Free Window Registry Repair
it cool and fix all errors and donload so fast
Classic Shell Classic Shell
v.3.3.0 --> some minor bugfixes and compatibility with Windows 8 pre-beta.
GreenCloud Printer
Works well - the default settings did not need altering - been after a program such as this for a while which makes printing - specially off the web - a lot better without adding complexity and utilizes the duplex function of my printer ( Samsung ml-2851nd & XP ) as well. Thanks for making us aware through the review , Jim....
The Battle for Wesnoth
Battle of Wesnoth-Epilogue Well it's been quite a game, all kinds of different characters, landscapes and things to get. I finished the main game campaign, "Heir to the Throne". I first started this game in normal difficulty. The problem is once you start a game on a given difficulty level you are stuck at that difficulty through e...
ST Proxy Switcher
Great application for switching proxy... i'm using the new version of the application and I can download proxy list for free. Very good work.. thanks. P.S. I also love this web site...
1.82 was released
Windows Repair (All In One) Windows Repair (All In One)
Windows Repair (All In One) is the repair utility that not once,or twice,,or three times ,,but four times saved me the time and money of formatting and reinstallig Windows. I have used every phase of this program to flawless capability. Windows Repair (All In One),,has given new life to many old computers,,mine included!!!!
It's a 2.5.1 now.
SlimCleaner SlimCleaner
SlimCleaner is by far the easiest system cleaner I have ever used. For a utility that does such a deep cleaning ,,it is very fast and very easy to understand all the instructions. Each phase of SlimCleaner does an easy ,speedy job. SlimCleaner has now replaced my other cleaner,to become the one cleaner I will install on all my computers!...
This ISO is an installer only NOT liveCD.
After not using Winpatrol for a while,,I almost forgot how good of a program it is. It detected a change in software 30 minutes after installation.
I have been in touch with the developer of this one. Apparently this early version of TinyWall was never meant to be available for wide distribution at this stage. I quote from one of his email replies: QuoteIt wasn't my intention to distribute the 1.0-series to such wide audiences as it is happening right now all over the internet, but som...
Mayan Dooms-Day Clock
Yes you are right, it only displays the end of the Mayan calendar as most people agree, but as you said, the television version is much more spectacular and dramatic. People will love it!!!
(REMOVED) 1st Choice Clipboard
This does indeed seem to be rather similar Bala, well spotted - beginning to wonder if these guys are planning on releasing more of the same product under a different name ... I'll see if another title turns up using the same product, otherwise I'll let this one go for now
Eudemons Online
LOL, sometimes the download links are supplied in silly formats Bala, so we have to go back to them and double check they are pulling the file size from the developers server, in this case it wasn't so we found an alternative link
The Battle for Wesnoth
This is an excellent pure strategy war game in a swords and sorcery environment with elements of Lord of the Rings, but not a copy of. The graphics are very good for SVGA but not quite to the quality of Widelands. But the landscape is rich and diverse. It follows a story line through each scenario of a campaign. The game runs very robust on most...
Eudemons Online
WOW, that correction was fast.
(REMOVED) 1st Choice Clipboard
It would appear '1st Choice Clipboard 1.0' and 'A to Z Clipboard 8.0' are virtually identical. wonder who is plagiarizing code from whom?
Mayan Dooms-Day Clock
Bring it on, PCRacer. I'm ready! My computer is connected to a UPS power backup which in-turn is connected to solar panels on the roof and canned foods in the basement. Of course, if the sun don't shine I'm in trouble. Bye the way, despite all the sensational exaggerations from cable history channels on television to the contrar...
Eudemons Online
File Size should read 989 MB