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FreewareBB _ Promotions and Free Offers _ Paragon Total Defrag 2010 FREE!!

Posted by: James (Jim) Hillier Nov 28 2009, 12:04 AM

The nice folk at Paragon are offering their Total Defrag 2010 for free (normally $29.95us) until 30th November.

The Good:
* Straightforward and fairly easy to use.
* Allows for defrag and compacting of MFT along with the norm disk defrag.
* Gives users the option to select how to order files/directories.
* Supports internal and external (USB/Firewire) hard drives.
* Can create a bootable CD/DVD or USB/flash drive for defraging without loading Windows.
* Ability to automatically shutdown computer after defrag has finished.

The Bad:
* The giveaway Edition does not support 64-bit.
* Lacks any sort of automatic defrag feature (no scheduler or anything similar).
* Does not support USB flash drive defrag.
* Can only defrag one partition at a time.

The Ugly:
*Huge file size (=75 MB)!

The Verdict:
There are actually freeware defraggers which include more features than this one and are much, much smaller in size but, and it is a big but (if you'll pardon the expression); this one does include the ability to create bootable media and that is a huge plus.....because; When employing defrag software from within the Windows environment it is impossible for that software to defrag all the files which are in use. On the other hand, by initiating the defrag process via external (bootable) media there are no files in use, hence the 'Total' defrag.

As always, your decision!

More information and download link here:

Please Note: Registration is required.

Posted by: marko Nov 28 2009, 07:30 AM

"and it is a big but"

Nice find again Jim

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