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Freeware _ Music Creation & Music Tools _ DrumTrack 1.0 Alpha

Posted by: marko Dec 9 2007, 10:18 PM

File Name: DrumTrack 1.0 Alpha
File Submitter:
File Submitted: 9 Dec 2007
File Category:
Will Run On: 2000/XP

DrumTrack is an open source software drum machine that allows the editing, playback, and mixdown of complete drum scores using audio samples of drum hits in a variety of formats (WAV, OGG, MP2, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, MP3). The sound engine was built using FMOD Sound System.

Allows edit and playback of a drum score using the drum sounds and patterns that you create.
Allows customizing your own drum kit using your own drum samples with any of the following audio formats: WAV, OGG, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, WMA. The volume and pan of each drum sample are customizable.
Supports realtime playback or export to WAV.
Scores built using re-usable patterns, allowing up to 8 patterns on one measure.
Adjustable volume for each drum hit.
Pattern previewer allows you to edit patterns while they are still playing.
Use sample groups along with your own custom drum sounds to change the quality of each drum hit to give your score a more human quality. This feature requires multiple audio samples for each variable hit.
Change the number of beats and divisions in each pattern to support time changes and triplets.
Randomize drum hits/volume to approximate human error.
Add repeats and tempo changes to your score.

* Undo. All note entries, pattern entries, pattern changes, measure changes, etc. will be "undoable".
* Generic cut/copy/paste. You will be able to use the standard/familiar Windows cut/copy/paste to help edit patterns and songs. The cut/paste mechanism is context sensitive (i.e., you only be able to paste copied song data back to the song editor. However, the clipboard is internal at the moment. A future revision will allow copying data between separate instances of drumtrack.
* Built-in kit editing. The kit editor will no longer be a separate window.
* New horizontal song editor. Tracks will be laid out vertically and the song data entered horizontally (this should be a more intuitive entry system).
* Keyboard/accessibility support. Full keyboard support will be introduced for all drumtrack functions.
* Customizable mouse/keys. You will be able to customize the way you enter notes. The "classic" drumtrack entry will be available.
* "Skinnable" UI. You will be able to change the colors of all UI elements.
* Tempos are now pattern elements rather than song elements. You will still be able to introduce tempo overrides in the song editor to force or modify the current pattern's tempo, but most tempo control will be handled at the pattern level. This will also allow tempo changes in mid-pattern.

Many of the internals of drumtrack have changed to support the new features. As a result, it's almost an entirely new program.
* The drumtrack file format will change dramatically. A utility will be provided to import kits and projects to the new version.
* The note editor will no longer scale with the screen. This will allow for much larger patterns.

Posted by: saniismail Feb 26 2010, 09:51 AM

a good drum sequencer but need update...!

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