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FreewareBB _ Email & Spam Tools _ SendEmails Free Edition 2.2.6

Posted by: marko Aug 25 2008, 12:49 PM

SendEmails™ combines ultra fast delivery with advanced email marketing features. SendEmails™'s personalization engine and detailed statistics allow you to generate newsletters specifically targeted to each recipient based on his interests and geographical location.

Send personalized emails at high-speed
SendEmails™ uses advanced technology to speed up your email delivery. Even a large newsletter addressed to 100,000 recipients will be submitted in a few minutes. SendEmails™ transfers the data in a very efficient way using a custom network protocol ("RapidSMTP"). Email creation and delivery will be performed by a unique infrastructure of high-speed email servers which results in dramatically increased speed. You can send large HTML emails with images or attachments (i.e. with PDF-Files) with nearly no slow down. Fire and forget: instantaneously submit your newsletter to a large number of recipients without wasting your time and bandwidth.

This free version allows you to send 200 emails per month.

This download has been removed as the developer has shown an extreme contempt towards us and has acted irresponsibly and illegitimately regarding the customers comments below by trying to ascertain personally identifiable information.

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Posted by: Guest Jul 6 2009, 09:29 AM

At the request of the poster, this post was removed

Posted by: marko Jul 6 2009, 01:18 PM

I personally have never dealt with this company although I do feel strongly regarding those companies who treat people this way. However, until such times as we have solid reason or proof to believe this company are unscrupulous in their ways then I'm afraid we won't be able to remove their software. Usually we only remove software that we have found to be dangerous and whilst the software itself isn't we would nevertheless seriously consider taking such action if we thought our users were in danger of becoming victims.

I will leave your comments online for now though if you are able to provide evidence of your claims we would defend our right to keep your post online otherwise we could be asked to remove them.

Posted by: Guest Jul 6 2009, 02:08 PM

At the request of the poster, this post was removed

Posted by: sales Jul 9 2009, 01:46 PM

I would still like to complain about but they seem to be changing things now and I need to make sure I can back everything up. The stuff I can back up is:

I purchased professional
I paid for a dedicated IP and to send out 20,000 emails
I sent out to a list of opt in emails which I had bought from a data company
They sent about 200 and then it stopped, I contacted them they threw their terms at me saying purchased lists couldn't be used and blocked my account and stopped answering my emails.
Since then I have had none stop battles with them because there covered in their terms but never made it clear to me before purchase and then the way they treated and ignored me really got me mad. I even started getting 550 block messages when contacting but they are now saying thats because my domain is blacklisted? Which they claim is nothing to do with their software.

I have a genuine complaint and they are now blackmailing me with court action if I don't remove my reviews of what I feel happened.

Please can you remove my earlier reviews and just leave this one as I still would like to warn people about but really could do without a court case over it lol

Posted by: marko Jul 9 2009, 03:13 PM

Sendmail can't threaten you with legal action and they know this, they are simply trying to scare you - furthermore they can't threaten you with the post's you've made because we have publishing rights to all posts made on this site therefore if they wanted them removed they would have to go through a court to do so and their action would have to be directed at you in the first instance then us if that failed, something which doesn't scare us and something they wouldn't dare do because despite whichever country they come from, here in the UK and in the US where our servers are located we are allowed free speech. Only if the information contained within the post is grossly wrong, fabricated or phrased innapropriately (as may be the case here I guess) can they possibly take action to force the removal of such content and given the fact they have contacted you rather than us shows me they are not altogether serious or professional about the matter.

What I would suggest you do here is register for an account on our site, make your point/post as a member which will then give you edit access to your review and I will have the post's above ammended or removed if you so wish.

Posted by: primecreative Jul 9 2009, 05:00 PM

Thanks Marko, I appreciate your thoughts on the subject... I honestly don't want any trouble from infact you may not believe me but I am not usually the type to go off on one about something but there attitude towards me as a customer has really really made me mad...

I got an email from their MD basically threatening me to remove my reviews within 3 days or they will take me to court... The thing is though is I wouldn't care about removing my reviews if someone from that company would have just given me 5-10 mins to actually listen to me and actually try to help me... Even after I explained to the MD my situation he tried to blackmail me to remove my reviews... I mean how does he expect to get me to change my opinion of his business by threats...

I do regret my emotional out bust calling them scam artist but honestly its how I felt I just shouldn't have let it effect me so personally...

Anyway I am registered on your site now... looks like a good piece of kit this... is it just you who runs it?

Posted by: marko Jul 9 2009, 07:11 PM

I do believe you, I'm not the same either but it really does me in when people think it's OK to take money and then not deliver or would rather quote terms and conditions than fix problems so I can definately sympathise with you - I'll leave it up to you to tell me what you want to do with your post's as a 'guest' as you won't have access to edit these but I can do it for you or simply delete them if you want and you can post again as a member which will give you edit access to future posts you make. Just let me know what you want to do and it's no problem

As for our site, I more or less do most of the work here but we have a fantastic group of regular contributors who help out where they can which allows me to keep my head above the water but without our group things would be impossible!


Posted by: primecreative Jul 10 2009, 06:46 PM

Another update on the the company I feel has nearly ruined my business...

I have now had my domain email blacklisted... I sent out a campaign to a data list i purchased and the software emailed to about 200 then stopped. Since then I have had arguments over their bad customer service and today I found out my domain has now been blacklisted...

I cant email to hotmail addresses I cant even email my business partners. Even if I was sending unsolicited emails which I wasn't sending out 200 emails should never cause a domain be blacklisted... I've sent hundreds of email campaigns out through different methods over the years and 200 emails sent by software and I am blacklisted.


Posted by: marko Jul 10 2009, 07:19 PM

hmm, looking back over your post's I see you mentioned you bought a mailing list, which I actually missed before, but to be honest if you did then the chances are it is in fact that which has caused your problems and may also have been the reason SendEmails took the action they did. From our own experiences, let me explain ... we have quite a few members but since we started our site we've noticed many members simply abandon their email accounts and when we send bulk email to all members we often get bounced mail back and if we did nothing it would mean we would (and have been in the past before getting wise) be considered as 'spammy'. Nothing get's you blocked from mail servers faster than sending mail to email addresses that don't exist as this is seen as 'chancing your arm' in the hope that your mail gets through to someone.

Now, in your case, if you purchased a mailing list then the chances are it was out of date (they almost always usually are), or otherwise wrong in some description. This could also mean you were potentially sending mail to people who didn't previously request it (unsolicited). If some of the people your mails did get through to marked your mail as junk or spam then the sending mail server was at risk of being blocked and this may have been why SendMail took the action they did and it may also be why they do not allow mailing lists to be used through their services.

As for your domain being blacklisted, what is it blacklisted on?. I may be wrong as I'm not sure what methods SendMail uses to send emails on behalf of customers but to be honest I would think it highly unlikely that by using them you would be blacklisted on anything, it's more likely to be because of the mailing list

Posted by: primecreative Jul 10 2009, 09:24 PM

all I know is my emails were fine before I have sent out loads of emails over the years and now I can't even email my business partners... I just don't see how sending out 200 emails could do this...

I bought the data legally and its not that I was annoyed that they stop my mail out send I was annoyed because the company ignored me... I appreciate there terms state what is and isnt allowed I just felt they should have made it more clear to people about their terms...

I assume seen as they have been in business as long as they have they don't blacklist their client but how else can I explain it... 200 emails and all of a sudden my emails are useless...

Posted by: primecreative Jul 10 2009, 09:37 PM

I know what your saying... I don't think they have created software which purposefully blacklists people.. but I only sent out 200 emails... which out of the marking I have done over the years is nothing...

It is a purchased list but I never knew there was anything wrong with it... buying data is common place in marketing and I just feel they should have made it more clear maybe there just not used to amateurs using their software... I just wish when I contact sendemails someone could have actually tried to listen to me or help me rather than telling me to go jump and ignoring my emails...

Throwing terms/jargon in my face and then letting me email and email with no response just got me so mad... now my email is pretty much screwed... I am so gutted about the whole thing... feel like I wrecked my business in two weeks...

Posted by: primecreative Jul 10 2009, 09:46 PM

QUOTE (marko @ Jul 9 2009, 07:11 PM)
I do believe you, I'm not the same either but it really does me in when people think it's OK to take money and then not deliver or would rather quote terms and conditions than fix problems so I can definately sympathise with you - I'll leave it up to you to tell me what you want to do with your post's as a 'guest' as you won't have access to edit these but I can do it for you or simply delete them if you want and you can post again as a member which will give you edit access to future posts you make. Just let me know what you want to do and it's no problem

As for our site, I more or less do most of the work here but we have a fantastic group of regular contributors who help out where they can which allows me to keep my head above the water but without our group things would be impossible!


hey would it still be ok to remove my earlier guest posts?

Posted by: marko Jul 10 2009, 10:20 PM

No probs, removed your post's apart from one but if you want this removed just let me know

Regarding the sending of mail, I'm surprised to be honest that you've had no problem sending out bulk mail cause I know we had, and still have to an extent, major problems with it, and we only have just over 800 registered members but off the top of my head I'd say about 25% of them have been moved to another group as their email bounces which I suspect is due to them marking us as junk or spam and this is people who have signed up to receive our emails yet we can still potentially be blacklisted for sending mail to legitimate users who mark us as spam - it's an absolute minefield when it comes to sending bulk mail, and I couldn't imagine what would happen if we dared to send mails out from a mailing list.

I'm definately no expert in the sending of bulk mail and you appear to be much more proficient at it than me as you say you've done it for a while without any problems but what confuses me is that if they are sending it on your behalf I presume it would be through their own servers which have been whitelisted by the major ISP's and mail providers therefore I don't understand how your domain get's blacklisted?!

Posted by: ablaze Jul 17 2009, 11:10 PM

not really sure I understand the whole situation here but from what I can make out they have obviously failed to deliver on customer support

Posted by: locreskid Jul 18 2009, 11:55 PM

Why don't people nowadays put the effort into satisfying customers rather than frustrating them?

Posted by: marko Jul 24 2009, 07:52 AM

SendEmails are obviously looking for a fight as they are now attempting to badger us into removing these posts!.

Here's the story in full.

Originally, a guest poster had commented on SendEmail's service and had used words to describe them which they later regretted and as such requested their removal. The poster then registered an account and is now known as primecreative. Having sifted through the comments and in consultation with the poster, we have already removed those comments and words we considered to have been unfair or hasty.

The crux of the matter here is that the user's experience of this service was not good, and as such they merely wanted to let others know of their issues and problems so others could avoid such.

There is nothing libel or defamatory in these post's and during our conversation with the developer we have requested their argument for their removal yet they continually claim that their solicitor will become involved at a cost of £190 per hour unless the comments are removed. We requested their solicitor contact us directly to make us aware of any legal basis for removal of the comments but the developer has since declined. On further communications from the developer we continually requested legal basis for the removal of these comments yet the developer has declined to offer any satisfactory argument. We even explained to the developer that they have the ability to post themselves on the comments and have their side of the story published, however they have declined.

We then received a note from the developer explaining they have consulted with the poster and all parties agree the comments should be removed. When we contacted the poster no such agreement was reached however the poster had agreed to assist the developer in the removal of other posts on other sites which contained hasty wording. The last effort from the developer to have these comments removed was an approach to our host asking for the registered postal address for our site!. The host, like us, obviously adhere to strict privacy policies and declined their request and just this morning the developer has now sent us a request for such also.

The energy and effort the developer has put into badgering us and the poster could have been better directed in ensuring their customer support didn't let this person down in the first place.

Regarding the legality of these posts, we conclude:
1. There is no defamatory or libel comments made on this thread
2. The contents of the post remain the property and responsibility of the original poster, although freewarebb regain publishing rights as would the millions of other forums across the internet
3. We have always claimed to the developer that we wouldn't refuse to remove the post's although would only do so at the request of the poster or where we agreed the comments were unfair or untrue
4. We have given the developer every oportunity to argue their case both privately and publicly yet they have either failed to, or declined to
5. You CANNOT request personal details from a host, this is a breach of data protection unless served with the necessary legal documents and even then you would be required to satisfy the legal authority signing the order

We have now banned this person from our site as they are not listening to our advice or explanation and have now attempted to ascertain personally identifying information regarding us and our site therefore we consider we have taken every possible step to ensure a satisfactory outcome to the issue although we now refuse to deal with this issue any longer.

I will be leaving this thread open for others to comment if the so wish and it is regrettable we have had to take the action we have although when people don't listen we're left with little choice but to conclude the matter in the best way we see fit.

My advice to SendEmails is simply to refund the customers money, show good faith, apologise for their poor customer support and hope the customer accepts the apology and decides to remove their post's willingly. Threatening people rarely works, if you continue to badger people they stop listening.


Posted by: w_williamson Jul 24 2009, 09:35 PM

This guy needs to take legal advice in a serious way before he get's marko annoyed

He contacts the host of freewarebb, MDD Hosting, and claims ...

We have a case of libel, domain, which is hosted on your servers

You do?. Then raise a legal case against us through your solicitor and stop stalling.

The developer then asks the host for ...
the domain owners full postal address, because the whois entry was intentionally left incomplete

Who is he taking advice from? It's certainly not a solicitor as he would have known it isn't a legal requirement to provide personal details online, it's simply a requirement to provide a contact of some description.

The developer then also states to the host ...
I request to deactivate the site if the domain owner is not willing to remove the post. He already has refused to do this, though the original author of the comment has found an agreement with us and wants these comments removed

An agreement between the developer and poster doesn't constitute an obligation on us, we have seperate rights to these comments which cannot be taken away because you don't like them, and irrespective of agreements between others this is nothing to do with us.


Posted by: marko Jul 29 2009, 12:22 AM

.... and now "someone" complained to ICANN regarding our 'whois' entry being incomplete and we've received word from to have it checked!. Funny, because that's precisely what was requested from our host and from me before I banned the requester from our site - there are many more ways to skin a cat as the saying goes, this thread is now locked to any further editing or deletion by anyone.

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