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Developers! Your Files ...

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    Developers, great to have you on FreewareBB!

    Request Ownership
    If you are the developer of any listing on our site, you can request ownership of that download. To do so, simply register for an account on our site and once you have validated you will automatically be sent a welcome message.  Create a new message back to me (marko) requesting ownership of your file and we will contact you to verify you are the developer or have the developer's permission to administer their software listing.   If you have your own website then we would recommend registering with us using an email address from that domain as we can then validate ownership immediately.

    When you take ownership of a listing on our site, you automatically receive notification when someone post's a query, comment or complaint, which means you can respond immediately.

    Maintaining Ownership
    We appreciate that it isn't always possible for developers to update individual listings such as those found on our site and it is not a requirement for developers to do so, even though they may claim ownership.   Instead, FreewareBB will continue to monitor the status of all our freeware and update any listing accordingly.   Claiming ownership allows you to identify your own submissions on our site and gives you another point of contact for other members on our site.

    Updating Your Listing
    When updating your listing please ensure that you check your edit's before submitting as to perform numerous edit's in a short space of time may generate multiple alerts to those subscribed for updates to your software and will only serve to confuse or frustrate subscribers who may then simply unsubscribe from your listing.   When your software is transferred to your member account, we would ask that unless you have a valid reason you do not delete your file outright and start again, as this will obviously delete any statistical data held about your file such as how many times it has been downloaded before, how many views it has had and any ratings your software has already received.   If your file is a leader in any of these stats, deleting it to start again will simply remove your file from a prominent position and search engine results for your software will also be lost as it will be issued a completely new URL meaning it could be difficult for search engines to find the correct path.

    Submitting New Freeware
    Before you submit more freeware, please ensure you use the search facilities available to check we don't have the software listed already.   If we don't, please feel free to add it, but if we do then you can request ownership of that file by contacting me after registration.   Step by step instructions on how to add a download to our site can be found HERE.

    When supplying or changing a screenshot for your software, we always recommend uploading it to our site.
    This is simply because our 'light-box' system has issues with remote screenshots (i.e. the cool sliding effect when you view screenshots) which is particularly true should we 'feature' your file.   Uploading your screenshots to our servers also helps reduce the load on your own site.

    We would ask all submitters to keep file uploads on our site to a minimum to increase the users browsing experience and wherever possible please link to the download from the developers own pages.   Where this isn't possible or prohibited by the developer/server owners you may upload the file to us or if it's too big or cannot be uploaded for any reason then we will consider hosting it for you on our alternative external fast file server.

    Quick Start For Developers:
    After a member of staff has verified you are the developer of the software (or have authorisation to request ownership of the listing) they will then transfer ownership of the software to your member account and at the same time usually change your member group to "developer". As the owner of the file, you will then be able to edit it as required using either the "Edit file" or "Upload new version" link at the bottom of the description area.   When merely performing a quick edit (i.e. adding/deleting a screenshot, changing the file downloading location, etc) please use the "Edit file" link, but if your software has new features or is a completely new version number with other changes then use the "Upload new version" link and make a note of the changes to your software in the "Change Log" box (when entering, or pasting a list in the Change Log box, please remove all formatting from the list such as numbering or bullet points - your list will automatically be formatted on submission).   Adding more of your freeware titles to our site is simple and we've created This Tutorial to help show you how if you are unfamiliar with our type of site.

    NEW! Freeware Developers, Tell Us Your Story
    We've just introduced a new feature to the site giving you, the freeware developer your chance to tell the world a bit about yourself, and a lot about your freeware or development hostory.   Check out the info HERE.


    FreewareBB - Keeping You Safe Since 2007

    Please post your queries, requests and enquiries in the forums - do not PM me directly as I cannot answer everyone individually - your post stands a much better chance of receiving multiple replies from other members too on the forums.

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