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External URL Scanning on FreewareBB

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    Please rate FreewareBB using WOT's websafe service

    We've always been careful about what we allow onto FreewareBB, but now we're going even further!. We recently introduced a URL check using WOT (Web Of Trust) which means that before we accept anything from anyone, their URLs are checked as part of the submission process.

    Why check the URLs?
    We pride ourselves as a family friendly website and this doesn't just include safe downloads, now it includes checks on the authors own website. When freeware is submitted to our site we take a look at the authors website and run the URL through the services mentioned above. If they get the all clear then we continue with the submission process as usual and make the necessary security checks on the download itself. However, if we find they are associated in any way to other less reputable sites, and in particular sites which are known to distribute spyware, malware or viruses, then we reject their submission outright.

    How does this affect me?
    Most of us nowadays have became used to how the internet works and can take care in our daily browsing activities, but each day new threats immerge and more cunning methods of tricking people into visiting unscrupulous websites appear, therefore it is important to know that the websites you visit are not supporting those sites with dangerous intentions (such as trying to push spyware, malware or viruses to your PC). Because we provide a link to the authors website on our downloads, we want to know that they, like us, are concerned enough about your safety to make the necessary checks on other sites they associate themselves with.

    Does that mean you won?t have as many downloads as other sites?
    Not necessarily, it simply means that those sites which associate themselves with those known to distribute spyware, adware, etc, will not be published by us. Remember, our policy has always been quality over quantity, with safety being our No.1 priority.

    Doesn't this take more time?
    You bet it does! But hey, you're definitely worth it :lol:

    Can I use a URL checking service of some kind?
    Yes you can, by simply installing the WOT (Web Of Trust) add-on (completely 100% safe) you too can check every single URL you browse automatically as well as participate in the simple rating of websites you love or hate. The add-on works silently in the background and if you happen to stumble upon a dangerous site, WOT will tell you this and give you the option to back-out or proceed. If you find a dangerous site that isn't yet noted by WOT then as a registered member you can make others aware of this. Visit http://www.mywot.com and grab the add-on. FreewareBB have already received some favourable raves on WOT, and we just know you'll be itching to add to them HERE :lol: :P

    Safe Surfing
    Kind Regards,
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