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Paint.NET 3.36

marko's Photo marko 10 Jan 2009
As an Adobe Photoshop user I often find it hard to adjust to different graphic editing programs in a very short period of time, but I have found Paint.net one of the easi-est to adjust to when I had to. Earlier this week I was away from home and had to edit a graphic, I don’t carry a copy of Pho-toshop around with me so I installed Paint.net.

Another great thing about this program apart from it being so easy to use is that you can download a plugin for it from HERE which lets you open PSD files. In case your not familiar with Adobe Photo-shop, PSD files are the default file format and can rarely be open by other programs without some form of converter. So I can edit a graphic I have started in Photoshop a few days earlier and finish it off in Paint.net an few days later. All in all a great little program.

Submitted by w_williamson