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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Stop Showi...

NewsBot's Photo NewsBot 11 May 2009
Stop showing the new tab page when you open new tabs from Internet Explorer 8.

When opening new tabs from Internet Explorer 8, by default the browser opens a "new tab page" or about:Tabs. From here Microsoft asks "what do you want to do next" and offers options such as re-opening closed tabs, using inPrivate browsing, and using an Accelerator.

While some people may like this tab welcome screen, others would rather show just a blank tab. And yet others may want their home page to appear in all new tabs....

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Guest_Guest_* 12 Jun 2009
nice1 works a treat

Guest_Guest_* 03 Dec 2009
good pointer... this still doesn't get rid of the most annoying part, which is the silly 'about:blank' url, but it's better than the nanny page. Can anyone tell me why they can't just leave the location bar **empty**??

marko's Photo marko 03 Dec 2009
Wouldn't even hazard a guess, it's Microsoft after all!

Guest_Trent_* 25 May 2010
suddenly today I get the "What do you want to do next" tab when opening a new tab
I got used to seeing my most frequently visited sites whenever i open a new tab

how do i get that back

and, why did it suddenly get changed?

marko's Photo marko 25 May 2010
Not sure about IE, but in Firefox I know by installing the google toolbar I get a list of my most recently visited sites on a new tab. To change was appears in a new tab in IE, hit "Tools" -> "Internet Options" then under the "Tabs" heading hit "Settings" then under the "When a new tab is opened, open" heading choose from the drop-down menu. It could be you've just installed an update to IE or ran through the IE8 setup wizard, I know from experience this can seriously mess up your browser!!

Guest_Trent_* 25 May 2010
I am thinking my automatic updates did this
think I read someplace i would need to get Firefox or Opera in order to continue to use that tab feature
just another MS issue

thinking I will set up my own home page with links on it LOL

thanks for response

wewe's Photo wewe 12 Jul 2010
IE 8 rocks. And most I like is the "New Tab Page". Simple and useful.:lol: