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#1 mick

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    Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:22 AM

    Dont know what geo tagging is?

    Its great! :P
    Basically, it means you carry around a geotagger (or GPS logger) on holiday (vacation to USA people!). The camera should be synchronised to the right time(not essential, as it can be done later but is more complicated!!)

    A GPS logger... Try a quick search on Ebay for "GPS logger" and you will find several. (Holux M241 looks good!). I actually have the "Travel Honey", before my 'Easly Showily' was stolen!

    Geosetter is BEST used with a GPS logger, but not essential!
    So, what happens is the GPS logger is recording your GPS location every 5 seconds (can be changed to 1 second if required!). It usually works ok in your shirt pocket.
    You take your photos, whilst the logger is recording.
    You get home and get your pictures into you PC. Geosetter will then check the times you took the picture, then find the nearest time recorded time in the GPS logger, it then KNOWS where-abouts you took the picture... EASY!!
    It will automatically show where the picture was taken in Google maps (you must be connected to the internet!!). You then have the option to save changes to the picture EXIF information.
    NOTE: there is allocated space in the EXIF for GPS data, normally un-used!
    Once the GPS log information is saved to the Picture, the GPS log can be deleted.
    The GPS logger (using Geo-setter) will also show you on Google maps where you have been traveling and at what speed!!!

    What it also allows you to do is FIND the location (if you dont have the GPS location/ log), using Google maps and transfer that location to the Picture(s) . i.e. logger NOT necessary, but not automated.

    GPS trackers will be built into cameras in future, I am sure.....

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    #2 marko

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      Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:46 AM

      Nice post Mick, thanks :P

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