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How to add a download

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    You must be a registered member to add files to FreewareBB: REGISTER HERE.

    Please make sure you read the rules of adding a download to our site before continuing (can be found at the bottom of this post).

    Here's the quick-start way of adding a download to our site manually:
    1. From the complete category view of the download section HERE, navigate to the most appropriate category and sub-category for your submission,
    2. Hit the "Upload File" button,
    3. Enter the details of your freeware (i.e. Title, description, direct link to the download, screenshot, etc),
    4. Note that you can enter a link to your own site for the download and screenshot or if your file is around 10Mb or less you can upload it to our servers; you can also enter or upload more than one download location (mirrors, etc) as well as offer more than one screenshot,
    5. Once done, hit the "Add Submission" button at the bottom of thepage and your freeware will be checked by a member of staff before being approved.

    If you are the developer of any freeware we currently list here on FreewareBB and wish to claim ownership and editing rights, please see THIS TOPIC for more info on how to do that.


    We can alternatively host your file for you free of charge if you are unable to provide a direct link or your file is too big to be uploaded to the site, and in this case please contact me once you have registered.

    1. DUPLICATES: Please search for your software on our site before submitting it - if you find it, contact a member of staff and we can transfer ownership. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.
    2. TRIAL SOFTWARE: If you are submitting a trial version which can be considered as freeware (i.e. has limited functions after the trial) YOU MUST include those details in your listing, and specify what the free version will continue to do. If you do not we will delete your software immediately and mark your software as unorthodox in our forums. Please don't try it, we do check!.
    3. YOUR WEBSITE: Please make sure your website is not listed in WOT and SiteAdvisor negatively, if it is, it's unlikely we will accept your submission. Your beef should be with those site advisories, not us.
    4. VIRUSES & COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE: If you attempt to submit spam, virused files or commercial software to our site, we will delete your software immediately and mark your software as unorthodox in our forums and ban you from the site - your choice !!. If your software is known to have a false positive, make a note of these in the Special Notes section and please try and include even a short explanation to help the members.
    5. CONTENT: Both the content of your software and your website will be checked - FreewareBB is a family friendly site and as such your software or site should not make reference to adult content or otherwise inappropriate material not suitable for all ages.
    6. MISLEADING SOFTWARE, "FREE DOWNLOADS" AND GENERAL BUGGERY: FreewareBB pride's itself on offering the most genuine, safe and trustworthy software on the net. We check, double check, report, ban and highlight those developers who attempt to trick us and our users. Your software and website should clearly indicate your software is free, with no tricky descriptions or "buy now" nonsense unless you provide clear descriptions on what's free and what's not - if you don't, we could interpret your software as misleading and will ban you, highlight your software in our forums and if relevant, rate you accordingly on WOT and SiteAdvisor - you have been warned!!

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      Please post your queries, requests and enquiries in the forums - do not PM me directly as I cannot answer everyone individually - your post stands a much better chance of receiving multiple replies from other members too on the forums.

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