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Why you should NOT use Outlook Express to store emails!!!

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Guest_James (Jim) Hillier_*
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This is a repeat of the warning I issued at the bottom of a recent post, as an adjunct, but it is so important I decided a dedicated post was deserved. It concerns anyone using Outlook Express/Windows Mail to store (save) multiple emails:

Both Outlook Express and Windows Mail are good email clients but make for lousy storage areas. I?ve lost count of the number of times I have visited a client who has been having serious problems with Outlook Express/Windows Mail only to find literally hundreds of emails stored in the folders. This is the number one cause of most issues/problems with these email clients. It takes just one corrupt email to upset the entire apple cart and, on many occasions, all those treasured emails can be lost!

As a much better alternative, please do this: Create a new folder in ?My Documents? and name it something like ?Saved Emails?. You can create as many sub folders within that main folder as necessary to suit categories. Now when you wish to keep that special email just click on File and then Save As..., type in a suitable File name, browse to and select the appropriate folder in My Documents? and hit the Save button.
Not only are they much safer there but they are also certain to be included in your regular backups?you do backup your personal data regularly, don?t you!





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    I'll pin this one for a while Jim :rofl:
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