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marko's Photo marko 19 Sep 2009
Please direct all promotions and free offers to Jim Hillier by contacting him through this site as a member HERE.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Jim also, although please note the following requirements for your post beforehand:

1. Software submitted to the Promotions and Free Offers section MUST NOT be freeware. If it is, you can submit it to the site in the normal way (see HERE). Your promotion or free offer must be a commercial product that is normally associated with payment, given away free of charge,
2. Any URL you provide as part of the promotion or free offer MUST NOT be rated negatively in WOT or SiteAdvisor,
3. The software you wish to promote or give away should not be crippled or trialware, it should be a fully functional application without restrictions,
4. You do not necessarily have to be the developer of the software, you may have noticed a title being given away by a developer in which case (and as long as the developer does not object) you are still free to submit it to Jim for consideration. In this case, we would obviously still require the developers URL details.

Kind Regards