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Orange Mobile Christmas Screw Up

marko's Photo marko 26 Dec 2009
It never ceases to amaze me how some companies, particularly the mobile phone networks, remain in business!. They're quick to tell you they're the best around, with fantastic packages and deals that you can't get anywhere else, but the problem is trying to use the damn things!.

We bought our 13 year old daughter her first real mobile phone, together with a COMPULSARY 10 airtime voucher and on Christmas day she was delighted to receive it. However, I jumped on the net and tried activating it but they were having problems online and so I left it till later that night. Tried again, still no joy. Tried all day boxing day and still nothing so decided to phone them.

Getting through to the usual indian call centre I explained the situation and the representitive took the SIM number off me, then hummed a little. "Sorry but that SIM can't be registered at the moment, you will need to try again tomorrow!" Excuse me?. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I told the rep that I do not believe I should be phoning them back tomorrow and would like to know what the problem was. They explained that some SIM cards were being accepted and some weren't and that I may have a better chance of activating tomorrow.

I asked why that was and they couldn't (or rather wouldn't) explain any further. I consider this to be an absolute disgrace in regards to customer service and left to me I would rip out the SIM card and try another provider but I would loose the 10 airtime already paid for and most probably have to unlock the phone as it will no doubt be tied into the SIM already.

I absolutely cannot tolerate companies like this and had a run in with Vodafone in my time also over an outstanding bill with them and they show absolutely no mercy in regards to customers and consider it appropriate to tell customers to phone back the next day to have the item they have bought and paid work!.

Wonder how it would work if I bought a car, got it delivered and was then told to wait until the next day and it would work then?!. They are obviously using aged equipment that cannot handle the amount of requests that THEY SHOULD have allowed for, would obviously cost them a little extra to build some more resilience into their systems that they are not prepared to fork out, yet their customers are expected to wait to receive a service that they have already paid for, typical of the service we're used to, second class!.