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DynDNS Updater 4.1.6

Posted 04 September 2009 - 04:41 PM (#1) User is offline   marko 

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    File Name: DynDNS Updater 4.1.6
    File Submitter: marko
    File Submitted: 4 Sep 2009
    File Updated: 22 Apr 2010
    File Category: Network Tools
    Will Run On: 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

    DynDNS Updater is a program that can be used to monitor the change in your IP address and automatically update the new IP address information into associated host name in dynamic dns service providers.

    DynDNS Updater supports many dynamic dns service provider and is widely used.

    Current version supports all version of Windows up to Windows Server 2003. Windows Vista is partially supported. The next version, which is under development will support Windows Vista.

    * One executable file that can be run as service or as regular application. Read more.
    * A wizard that will guide you to configure DynDNS Updater and to setup your hostname. Read more.
    * Supports secure connection to update.
    * If you are using as your service provider, DynDNS Updater can download your hostname, given your username and password, avoiding a mistake in entering the hostname.
    * Simplified public IP address detection configuration. In its default configuration, DynDNS Updater should work and recognize most network configuration commonly implemented by home users. For more complex network configuration, you can configure DynDNS Updater so that your public IP address can be correctly identified.
    * Supports multiple dynamic dns service providers. The support is configured by using a configuration file, so user can add his/her preferred provider by creating a configuration file for that particular provider. You can check DynDNS Updater FAQ to see if your dynamic dns service provider's configuration file is available.
    * Can be configure to send email with update result and current IP address when the update is needed. It supports SMTP authentication and SSL connection.
    * Save its setting into text file. This is useful for troubleshooting.
    * Supports multiple hostnames within one update (if the provider supports it).
    * Detects and updates IP address automatically when the change is detected.
    * Supports multiple IP detection methods. It can detect the IP address internally, by using IP address detection server, or by using router status page.
    * Reliable IP detection algorithm. When configured correctly, the detected IP address is highly accurate.
    * Works with regular modem connection, ADSL, cable, and many other connections.
    * Reliable dialer when using modem. Detects disconnection and automatically dials when disconnected.
    * Works from computer behind router, LAN, and proxy.
    * Extensive logging information. Displays log on screen and records log into file.
    * Configurable log file name with schedulable change of log file.
    * Can assign programs that will be run when active connection is detected. It comes with drag and drop support for easy management of the programs.
    * Updates Serv-U setting file so that it can be used for passive mode ftp (old version of Serv-U).
    * Can specify IP address used to update manually.
    * Customizable checking interval.
    * Configurable hotkey for faster access into menu.
    * Configurable tray icons with ability to hide the icon completely (for normal result).
    * Supports offline update. Offline IP address can be specified as an URL or IP address.
    * Configurable action that can be taken after offline update (exit program, hibernate, standby, log off, shutdown computer).
    * Schedullable offline update.
    * Simple, clear, and intuitive user interface.
    * Supports Windows XP theme.
    * Saves its setting file in simple INI file for easy backup and transfer configuration.
    * Saves its setting file in user configuration folder by default, that can be used to secure your setting.
    * Highly user configurable.

    Click here to download this file, or add a comment below

    Posted 12 September 2010 - 04:04 PM (#2) User is offline   TheRaven 

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      I've used this tool in conjunction to an online DNS service when I was dabbling in serving web content from a local machine via the Apache Web Server and it was extremely competent and serves its intended purpose quite well if not perfectly. The tool is designed by a development staff involved in networking and whom are very versed in the ways of name resolution where a computer or server is identified by a name which points to a mac or IP address. This is the underlying principles behind setting up home networks where you assign your P.C. a name like work group P.C. when you install Windows. All of a sudden it all starts making sense doesn't it.

      I used to do networking and it is not really all that complicated it just demands common sense and a "don't make it anymore difficult than what it is" discipline.

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