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Posted 14 December 2008 - 12:23 PM (#1) User is offline   marko 

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    File Name: Notepad++
    File Submitter: marko
    File Submitted: 14 Dec 2008
    File Updated: 30 Aug 2010
    File Category: Editors
    Version No: 5.7.1 RC
    Will Run On: 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7

    Download the stable version (v5.7) HERE.

    Notepad++ is a free source editor and Notepad replacement with the syntax highlighting.
    It also gives the extra functionality to the general user: colorize the user defined words. You can print your source code in color (or whatever you want) if you have a color printer (WYSIWYG). Furthermore, Notepad++ includes the multi-view feature, which allows the user to edit the different documents at the same time, and even edit the same document synchronously in 2 different views.

    Notepad++ supports drag and drop: not only you can drop the file from explorer to open it, but also you can drag and drop a document from a view to another. With all the functionalities, Notepad++ runs as fast as Notepad provided by MS Windows.
    Supported languages for the moment: (c/c++/Java/html/xml/php/asp/vb/vbs/SQL/Objective-C/javascript/ini/makefile/MSDos Display)

    Included plugins (Unicode)
    • TextFX v0.26
    • NppExec v0.3 RC1
    • Spell Checker v1.3.2
    • MIME Tools v1.5
    • FTP_synchronize v0.9.6
    • NppExport v0.2.8
    • Doc Monitor v2.2
    • NppNetNote v0.1

    Included plugins (ANSI)
    • TextFX v0.25
    • NppExec v0.3 RC1
    • Spell Checker v1.3.1
    • MIME Tools v1.5
    • FTP_synchronize v0.9.6
    • NppExport v0.2.8
    • Light Explorer v1.5
    • Doc Monitor v2.2
    • NppNetNote v0.1

    What's New
    • Upgrade Scintilla to version 2.12.
    • Add "Inverse bookmark" feature.
    • Fix premature deallocation bug for import UDL.
    • Add import/export User Defined Language features.
    • File detection : Switch to modified or deleted file while user is asked to reload or keep the file.
    • Fix closing several detected non-existing files bug.
    • Fix language switching to English not working bug.
    • Reduce PostIt/FullScreen restore button size.
    • Fix PostIt wrong restore button position after toggling off fullScreen mode.
    • Fix crashes on new 11 character long UDL names bug.
    • Fix "Save all" inconsistent icon state on toolbar.
    • Add new keywords of HTML 5 and css.

    Click here to download this file

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