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#1 Guest_thomas_*

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Posted 30 January 2010 - 08:08 AM

All at Freewarebb - I've used this site for a little while and I must say I like it but don't you think showing some downloads as removed does you harm? I mean, if people see you had dodgy downloads on your site don't you think it will put them off coming back?

#2 w_williamson


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    Posted 30 January 2010 - 08:10 AM

    Thomas, the whole idea is really to warn everyone about these downloads, that's why marko decided to change the listing (so no-one can download it) rather than delete it outright, but keep the details so everyone see's it.
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    #3 marko


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      Posted 30 January 2010 - 08:52 AM

      Allow me to explain Thomas, when we add a download at FreewareBB it goes through a series of manual checks. The first is all URL's are checked against established website rating databases, such as WOT/SiteAdvisor. This include checking both the developers website and all other download URL's. We also physically browse to the developers website and check it ourselves as we often see 'good' or 'no ratings' from the database yet when we browse to the site it's clearly not what we would expect to see.

      If our checks reveal nothing suspicious, the download itself is then scanned using our own personal antivirus and malware programs and then through VirusTotal which uses multiple scanning engines. Even then, if we're even remotely suspicious of a download or a developer we will install the program on our own virtual PC and test it thoroughly to make sure it's OK.

      Only after these checks will a download make it onto FreewareBB. Now it has to be said that some programs that may well be perfectly fine still don't make it onto our site, but that's because we have a feeling something isn't quite right, something just doesn't quite add up, although we'd rather be safe than sorry.

      Over time these downloads are double checked and confirmed as still being OK to be on the site, usually we find no problems but for a small percentage of downloads something has changed which causes us concern. It could be the developers website is now listed negatively in WOT for some reason, or the developers download link could now lead to a suspicious file, whereas before it was fine. When we find these, or a member reports it, we investigate it immediately and take the necessary action.

      We leave the listing in place rather than delete for a number of reasons. The first of which is to make everyone aware of the problem we have found and to show the developer that if they wish to distribute files in this way then they will become known for it and will ultimately kill their business (if it's genuine). It also acts as a good warning for everyone viewing the file in question. The other reason we keep the listing is to avoid others suggesting it for addition to FreewareBB as when they perform a search they will see we have it listed but not available for download. Additionally, it may be the developer was unaware of a problem with their site or download and when they see our notes they will take the necessary action themselves and let us know about it.

      When we find such listings on FreewareBB, we remove all URL's and the download location so there is no opportunity that someone could download the file or browse to the developers website.

      Most download sites have the same issue's as us, although it's fair to say that for most of them they do not check their files manually but instead rely on automated processes which can give false analysis, and most certainly do not check developers websites which is clear when '5 Star' awards are given to downloads which are useless or worst still, dangerous!. Here at FreewareBB, we want to be known for our safe and secure environment, we believe we're setting a standard that most other download sites either can't or won't adapt because it's not cost effective for them, this is why we see so many download sites pop up, and ultimately the reason why so many eventually fail.

      As for FreewareBB, we're going forward and will continue to offer the safest, most genuine and trustworthy downloads and community on the net.
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