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The World's Economic Viruses

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    The Economy SucksGovernment Virus - Nothing seems to get better, but all the elected officials say it's getting better.

    Political Virus - Doesn't actually do anything, but you can't get rid of it until the next election.

    Econometrician Virus - Sixty percent of the economies infected will lose 17 percent of their GDP 12 percent of the time (+/- a 2% margin of error).

    Marxian Virus - Helps your economy go into a depression whenever it wants to.

    Environmental Virus - Before allowing you to fix the recession, it first asks you if you've considered the alternatives.

    Chinese Virus - Crashes your economy, but denies it ever happened and calls you a liar.

    AIG Virus - Makes sure it's too big to fail, while crashing everything else.

    Stimulus Virus - Puts your economy in a recession for four years. When you finally recover, you're 10 trillion more dollars in debt.
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