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Interview with Jalon Zhai of ChromePlus

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#1 marko

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    Posted 26 March 2010 - 07:17 AM

    Your real name:
    Jalon Zhai (Chinese name ???)

    Also known as:
    chromeplus in forum.chromeplus.org

    How old are you?:

    Your freeware software:

    Your website:

    When did you started developing freeware?:
    Jan 2009

    Why did you start developing freeware?:
    Enjoy the feeling of millions of users

    Is it a career, or just for fun?:
    Fun and become a Career

    What's the most difficult project/development you've done?:

    Please tell us a little about yourself:
    Well, I majored in Computer science. Before the start of ChromePlus, I was an architect in Nokia network department. I left Nokia when it combined with Siemens Networks to be SNS. Now with ChromePlus, I feel very happy that there could be so many users of our product and there are also so many warm-hearted users can communicate with us though our forum.chromeplus.org. We have a strong team, and to we are also happy to provide professional ChromePlus related service or other software cooperation.

    What would you consider to be your major accomplishments to date?:
    The enrollment of university. I was not a good student and would often escape school. It was a miracle to me and my teachers. I still remember the day I went to my high school to fetch my university entrance letter, and I met my English teacher who taught me when I was in Grade 1. She asked if I managed to gain entry? I said: yes. She stopped and asked again, well, good, an academy right? I said, no a formal university. She stared at me for half a minute and astonished: Wah! How could that happen :-)

    Any failures you'd care to tell us about?:
    Well, I have tried another software in Android named dictmemo, but not many users.

    What advice would you give to someone starting out in developing/programming?:
    Persuade yourself that you're really interested in this first and work hard on it! Start from a programming language, C++ is a must for professional guys. Broaden the experience in different language/techs.

    What websites do you visit to relax?:
    Google. Search for some divinity or supernatural evidence. I like this also.

    Do you have any particular plans for your freeware in the future?:
    Broad cooperation with different organizations such as Auti-virus corp. News website, e-commerce website etc. Browser has all the genes to cooperate with every kind of internet element. And ChromePlus is specially the most suitable one to achieve these. ChromePlus can turn over the normal way of internet browsing. It leads to the next generation internet.

    What's your favourite book, movie, tv show, game, and food?:
    Bible(Book), the Matrix(Movie), Hero(Game), Barbecue(food).

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