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Spotlight: Pascal Baspeyras of Coollector Movie Database

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    Posted 15 April 2010 - 02:45 PM

    Your real name:
    Pascal Baspeyras.

    Also known as:
    (cool) Hector.

    How old are you?:

    Your freeware software:
    Coollector Movie Database.

    Your website:

    When did you started developing freeware?:
    I started programming when I was 13. I had bought myself an Oric Atmos, but for several months, I had no screen. So all I could do is blindly program some music and sound from the command prompt. With the years, I've made all kind of programs for myself, but Coollector is the only one I ever made available to others.

    Why did you start developing freeware?:
    I'm a big movie lover, so I started developing Coollector for my personal needs. I made it freeware because I wanted a maximum of persons to use it. Also, I didn't want to waste my time and energy with user payments, accounts, anti-piracy protection, etc...

    Is it a career, or just for fun?:
    I'm trying (struggling) to make a living from Coollector.

    What's the most difficult project/development you've done?:
    Coollector is the project of my life. There seems to be no limit to the improvements that can be done to it... Like managing other types of collections (books, music, games...) or translating the database into other languages than English. And some other developments that I keep secret for the moment. I can't imagine moving on to another project. It'd be like abandoning my loved child.

    Please tell us a little about yourself:
    The most striking about me is that I don't have any social life at all, even though I'm a rather pleasant person. I've not always been like that, but I want so much for Coollector to become a success, that I live and breathe for it. I work so hard on the program that I'm often at the verge of exhaustion.

    What would you consider to be your major accomplishments to date?:
    To have had the mental strength to never give up, or even considering giving up, in spite of the success being much longer to come than I expected.

    Any failures you'd care to tell us about?:
    I think the current interface is a failure. It's ugly, and new users have difficulties to get it. I think Coollector's concept is exceptional, but the interface is clearly the weak point. Fortunately, I've designed a new interface that'll be much more functional and understandable, and I'll devote the next months to implement it. Also, I'll be using the Clutter Toolkit library, which allows candies like animations, transparency, gradients, etc... And I'll replace that puke-inducing blue background, LOL!

    What advice would you give to someone starting out in developing/programming?:
    You must be warned: programming is a school of frustration!. Adding a new feature always takes longer than what you expect. You'll stumble on bugs that'll drive you crazy. But there's no alternative if you want your ideas to become reality. You have to go through this suffering. It's like walking in the mountains: you suffer a little, but you have great satisfaction after it's finished.

    What websites do you visit to relax?:
    Technological blogs like engadget or downloadsquad.

    Do you have any particular plans for your freeware in the future?:
    Well, let's start with the new interface... After that, I still have plans for the next 5 years, LOL !

    What's your favourite book, movie, tv show, game, and food?:
    Younger, I was into science fiction (Isaac Asimov "Foundation", Dan Simmons "Hyperion", Tolkien "Lord of the Rings"). But I don't find time to read books anymore. My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Dr. Strangelove, True Lies, Forrest Gump, Bladerunner, Silence of the Lambs, Conan the barbarian, the Indiana Jones movies, the Lord of the Rings movies, the Star Wars movies, the Alien movies, the Terminator movies, etc...

    But since a few years, I watch more TV series than movies: Dr. House, Lost, 24, Seinfeld, Monty Python, Desperate Housewives, C.S.I. Las Vegas (not Manhattan, nor the awfully braindead and bling-bling Miami), etc...
    I was much impressed by the first season of Prison Break and Heroes, but less by the following ones.

    When I was a teen, I played video games a lot. But after playing Warcraft II for 3 days in a row without going out, I realized how addictive the video games had becomed, and how easily you could be swallowed into spending all your time playing them, and that in the end it wasn't any good for you. So I stopped playing completely. I still like to see how video games are evolving technically, but I stay away from the joystick as if it was a line of cocaine.

    I won't talk about food, because the way I feed myself is horrible. I even take vitamin supplements to compensate the ill-balance of my alimentation.

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