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Spotlight: Chun Zhang of EfficientPIM Free

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    Posted 21 April 2010 - 09:11 AM

    Q: Your real name:
    A: Chun Zhang

    Q: Also known as:
    A: Paul Zhang

    Q: How old are you?:
    A: 36

    Q: Your freeware software:
    A: EfficientPIM Free; Efficient Address Book Free; Efficient To-Do List Free; Efficient Reminder Free; Efficient Calendar Free; Efficient Notes Free; Efficient Diary; Efficient Password Manager and Efficient Sticky Notes.

    Q: Your website:
    A: http://www.efficientpim.com/freeedition.htm

    Q: When did you start developing freeware?
    A: I have started developing EfficientPIM since Dec. 2005, and the Beta version was officially issued in May 2007.
    Since 2008, Efficient Address Book Free, Efficient To-Do List Free, Efficient Reminder Free, Efficient Calendar Free, Efficient Notes Free, Efficient Diary, Efficient Password Manager and Efficient Sticky Notes had been issued one by one.

    Q: Why did you start developing freeware?
    A: Developing the software makes me full of joy. It feels good if my software can be used by more friends, and brings them high efficiency and joy. So I decide to issue the free version besides the commercial version.

    Q: Is it a career, or just for fun?
    A: I think both. For me, develop the software is a kind of fun and enjoyment. Of course, I am also confident to earn an abundant life for my family through developing software.

    Q: What's the most difficult project/development you've done?
    A: I have encountered one non-technological problem when developing one management software of the construction industry around 2004. It requires a clear understanding on the tender process of the construction industry before develop this software. Then I know to develop a software does not only require software development technology, but also deep understanding on the practical requirement of the customers in this industry.

    Q: Please tell us a little about yourself:
    A: I live in one municipality called Chongqing in the southwest of China with my family. This is one beautiful mountain city in the upstream of the Yangtze River. I am an independent software developer. I love football besides the enthusiasm on developing software.

    Q: What would you consider to be your major accomplishments to date?
    A: I have developed a serials personal information management software including EfficientPIM, Efficient Sticky Notes and etc. with customers all over the world.

    Q: Any failures you'd care to tell us about?
    A: I am a perfectionist, that is also the reason why the new version of my software are often been postponed. Besides, I am not very good at English, so my communication with counterpart and friends all over the world is not so smooth.

    Q: What advice would you give to someone starting out in developing/programming?
    A: Please do not only regard it as one job! It requires your internal enthusiasm on developing better software.

    Q: What websites do you visit to relax?
    A: I usually visit sina.com, csdn.net, qq.com and other website.

    Q: Do you have any particular plans for your freeware in the future?
    A: I am now developing the LAN version of the EfficientPIM.

    Q: What's your favorite book, movie, tv show, game, and food?
    A: The book which influences me most is "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", "The Shawshank Redemption" is my favorite movie, for my favorite food, it must be Chongqing hotpot which is preferred by most of the local.

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