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How to post or respond to a poll

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    Posted 05 August 2010 - 03:48 PM

    The 'Polling Place' is a forum area where you can post polls for the members to respond to. We've already started a couple of polls, such as asking what your favourite antivirus software is. Here's how to post a poll and ask the members for their opinions:

    1. Starting a poll is just like starting a new post. Enter the 'Polling Place' forums and then click on the "Start New Topic" button.
    2. Enter a "Topic Title" such as "What's your favourite antivirus program?" and optionally you can enter a short "Topic Description" if you want.
    3. Next, I find it easiest just to start entering a few lines about the poll in the big text box further down the page. Be as descriptive as you like and you could even explain your reasons for the poll if you wanted!.
    4. OK, now we have our title and descriptions so let's start entering the details of the poll. You should see a button labelled "Manage Topic Poll", click on this and a few options will appear.
    5. Enter a title in the "Poll Title (Optional)" box if you wish, otherwise just leave blank.
    6. If you want the responses to be seen by everyone, enable the "Public Poll?" option.
    7. In the "Question" field, enter your question (usually I make this the same as the title - i.e. "What's your favourite antivirus program?")
    8. If you want to allow users to select more than one choice, place a tick in the box "Allow users to select multiple answers?"
    9. You'll notice another box with the number "1", this is for entering your first choice for the users, so in my case I'd enter something like "Avast".
    10. Clicking the "Add Another Question" button will produce another box labelled "2", this is for a second choice for the users, i.e. "AVG" and so on. Click the "Add Another Question" for each new choice you're giving the users and fill in the box.

    Once you're done, simply hit the "Post New Topic" further down the page and you're poll will be live on the site after approval (if required).

    Responding to a poll is simply a matter of choosing which of the available choices you agree with most and then hitting the "Vote" button!. You can also provide a written response below the poll in the normal way as you would respond to any other post.

    Have FUN!!

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