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Looking for a browser

Posted 07 August 2010 - 11:27 PM (#1) User is offline   grr 

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  • PipPip
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    I'm looking for a browser which could provide me specific functionality. :)

    I already have FF, IE & Opera, so it has to be different than these.

    What I want to get out of that browser:

    1. tabbed browsing
    2. ability to restore previous sessions - when it crashes or if i close
    3. no. of tab counts
    4. should have functionality like speed dial in Opera, or something else which would help me in opening my daily sites with just a click. Count should be 50 or more. :D
    5. easy to backup/restore bookmarks
    6. easy to backup/restore stored logins/passwords

    nothing more that i can think of for now ;)



    Posted 08 August 2010 - 12:01 AM (#2) User is online   marko 

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    • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip
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      I believe FF already has the ability to restore crashed sessions, and offers tabbed browsing. Tab count can be achieved using the answer I gave in your previous thread here: http://www.freewareb...-programaddon/.

      As for speed-dial: http://www.freewareb...598-speed-dial/
      ..and ...
      backup/restore: http://www.freewareb...ile/9599-xmark/

      Reason I think it's better to stick to FF than go with another browser is simply that it's very possible you will outgrow most browsers, however it's very often the case that the available addons will determine a browsers usability to the end user, going with a lesser known, less established browser will see fewer addons available and possibly won't cater for your future needs, sticking with the likes of FF then your almost guaranteed to find extensions for every requirement!.

      Hope this helps

      Posted 21 August 2010 - 02:45 PM (#3) User is offline   kiwimac 

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      • Pip
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        Try Chromeplus.

        Posted 21 August 2010 - 09:53 PM (#4) User is offline   grr 

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        • PipPip
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          View Postkiwimac, on 21 August 2010 - 02:45 PM, said:

          Thanks kiwimac. Looks interesting. :)

          Posted 25 August 2010 - 10:36 PM (#5) User is offline   TheRaven 

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          • PipPipPipPipPip
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            Regular old plain vanilla Chrome has all of these functionalities too.

            Drag and drop image files into your Chrome browser and it becomes an image viewer. Drag a desktop shortcut to a web page into the browser window and away you go. There is allot of hidden functionality in Chrome. There are also extensions for Chrome that allow you to display web pages in a tab using an Internet Explorer rendering engine, print to PDF web-based service that actually keeps links on the page you print intact and functional instead of printing text in blue.

            Chrome Extensions:
            1.) Web2PDFConverter
            2.) ChromePad
            3.) Google Mail Checker Plus
            4.) Google Translate
            5.) Sexy Undo Close Tab
            6.) IE Tab
            7.) ShowIP
            8.) Downloads
            9.) Go Extensions

            Nice stuff.

            Apple's Safari Browser for Windows also uses the WebKit Rendering Engine for web page display like Chrome as well. It is another alternative but, not as secure as Chrome.

            FYI Google Chrome Web Browser is literally the most secure web browser on the market two years running. It is not susceptible to any of the hacks that beat down IE, Opera, or Safari, and Firefox. There is actually a hacker-con that awards hackers up to 10 and 20K per hack in contests -- it's sad how those guys ravage these browsers at will.https://freewarebb.com/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif

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