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SuSE for Sale...

TheRaven's Photo TheRaven 25 Nov 2010
Novell SuSE was bought out on several tiers recently and the ink is dry.
The company that won the bid for SuSE's hand goes by the handle Attachmate.

Microsoft and numerous other third party groups of varying business orientation purchased patents and intellectual rights to a tune of almost 500 million dollars.
Novell went up for auction with a closing bid of 2.2 billion dollars US and now, as we speak all things are being finalized with the last of the transactions.
This course of events will undoubtedly leave many wondering where the future of SuSELinux rests as well as the Mono Project.

Mono, for anyone whom doesn't know, is the open source Linux and UNIX Like variant of the .Net Framework.
Adobe's AIR Framework (cross platform) is starting to look more attractive with every passing moment .
Novell was sold and that leaves the operating system users, community, and developers at a loss.
I found out about the deal less than 24 hours ago (24NOV2010) in a newsletter from a software developer community that I am a member -- first time I had seen a word about it.

Anyone interested in reading a feature length article about the deal can follow the link below to Ars Technica, a very respected and savvy online digital information portal:

Two of the giants and fore fathers of computing and networking have been sold this year including Sun Microsystems and Novell. It would seem that Microsoft is of a dying breed as Sun, Novell and MS were board members on an AT&T committee that had overseen the commercial development of the original UNIX operating system. Many do not realize that Microsoft was, a very long time ago in a galaxy not so far off, a licensed UNIX based organization. It seems as though all things are melting away from that era -- it's kind of sad really.