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Updating your notification options on FreewareBB

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    As a member on FreewareBB, you have a wealth of control over your user account and can change most things, including how you are notified of updates or changes and new items in the forums and download sections.   Before replying to a post in the forums or adding a comment on a download we recommend checking your notification options first to make sure you will receive updates to replies and updates when and how you prefer them.

    To access these settings, simply navigate to "My Settings" from the drop down menu next to your username (see Fig1.1).

    Fig 1.1
    Posted Image

    Then, from the sidebar menu in the settings, choose "Notification Options" and you will see the various options to receive alerts and updates (Fig 1.2).
    As a minimum, we would suggest ticking "Auto follow topics I reply to. Notification frequency:"

    Fig 1.2
    Posted Image

    Simply tick the boxes which you want to apply and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes" (Fig 1.3) to complete your preference.

    Fig 1.3
    Posted Image
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